The Electronic Payments Coalition released new polling conducted by Morning Consult indicating that consumers across all income levels are benefiting from credit card rewards to help make ends meet during uncertain economic times.

Details: The polling from EPC—of which ICBA is a member—found that 74% of low-income cardholders and 75% of those with a FICO score below 650 use cash back rewards often. It also found that 52% of voters and 62% of rewards cardholders oppose the passage of a law that would reduce their ability to earn credit card rewards

ICBA Polling: ICBA in December released polling conducted by Morning Consult that similarly indicated opposition to applying Durbin Amendment routing restrictions to credit cards. That polling found 89% of adults who receive credit card rewards say they value their rewards program, 74% of voters say changing the technology that credit card servicers use would affect the economy, and 61% of Americans say consumers would not benefit from overhauling the card networks.