Community Banks: The Road to Bipartisan Solutions

The Independent Community Bankers of America congratulates members of the 117th Congress for serving the nation at this critical time. 

Employing more than 700,000 Americans across nearly 50,000 locations in every congressional district and accounting for more than 3.5 million Paycheck Protection Program loans, community bankers are financial first responders.  

Further, community banks remain focused on bipartisan legislative initiatives that will help restore broad-based and inclusive economic growth in local communities. 

ICBA Agenda for the 117th Congress

While the new Congress is closely divided, it need not be gridlocked. Represented by ICBA, community banks have a hard-earned reputation on both sides of the aisle as catalysts for pragmatic, bipartisan solutions to move our nation forward. 

ICBA and community banks have strongly supported the renewed CARES Act programs, including the Paycheck Protection Program, the extension of bank capital and accounting relief, and appropriate tax relief. These measures have played a critical role in sustaining the economy during the pandemic. 

To build on that success and ensure a bright future for local small businesses and communities, we advocate: 

  • Regulatory relief that supports economic growth, job creation, and access to financial services. 
  • Promoting a competitive landscape for a dynamic economy. 

Read the Full Agenda Here

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