ICBA launched a series of videos featuring small-business owners who successfully received Paycheck Protection Program loans from community banks, often after megabanks proved unresponsive.

The video series on the updated banklocally.org includes several entrepreneurs from across the country whose local community banks worked around the clock to process their loans as the coronavirus pandemic hit.

ICBA will feature the new videos on its social media channels in the coming days with the #BankLocally hashtag and encourages community bankers nationwide to weigh in and promote the campaign to their followers.

Banklocally.org allows community banks and small businesses to share their successful PPP experiences by submitting their positive stories directly to the site. ICBA encourages community bankers to submit stories so the ICBA Marketing and Communications team can continue to capture testimonials promoting community banking.

Banklocally.org also features: ICBA's Community Bank Locator, a highly trafficked map that allows consumers and small businesses to find a community bank near them; blog posts on the benefits of community banking; and articles on how community banks are leading the economic recovery.

ICBA will continue working to elevate community banks in the media and beyond by showcasing how they stepped up during the coronavirus pandemic and proved themselves the unequivocal leaders of the economic recovery.