Episode 25

Why is Check Fraud Such a Problem Right Now? — with Scott Anchin and David Long

Check fraud isn’t new, but it has re-emerged as an appealing way for fraudsters to target community banks and their customers. That’s why ICBA has brought check fraud to the forefront of its conversation with its members, to discuss the ways they can band together to solve this issue.

“The one advantage that we have—which is a really, really strong advantage—is that we have an incredibly dedicated and engaged membership of folks who are working on the frontlines of check fraud, and who understand the problem, and who are ready to really roll up their sleeves and dive in and tackle the challenge head on,” says Scott Anchin, VP, operational risk and payments policy at ICBA.

Anchin and David Long, Bryant Bank’s executive vice president, correspondent banking/capital markets, join host Charles Potts to showcase the efforts of bankers and ICBA alike and why ICBA’s new check fraud guide can help fight this alarming epidemic.


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