Episode 24

How Fintechs Can Elevate Community Banks — with Saroop Bharwani and Allan Rayson

As technology and customer expectations change, fintechs must adapt and pivot to meet the needs of the community banks they work with. Whatever community banks are looking for—streamlining data collection, cutting down operation costs, etc.—there should be a fintech stepping up to provide a solution. But that means they must know exactly what the community bank customer desires.

“The majority of the conversations that I am having on this topic is a function of helping that fintech founder connect the products, which are usually amazing, to real, tangible, deep balance sheet and P&L and outcomes,” says Allan Rayson, founder and CEO of Finov8r Consulting.

So what do those fintechs need to know or adjust to serve the industry? Rayson and Saroop Bharwani, CEO and founder of Senso.ai, join Charles Potts to discuss how fintechs can accelerate community banks’ digital transformation.


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