Episode 21

Connect With Your Fellow Community Bankers — with Leah Brink

“It's been helpful right now just to have others that you can go to and really connect with,” says Leah Brink, marketing and training director of BankStar Financial and co-lead of ICBA Community’s marketing group. “I've seen examples to where people are reaching out to each other through the through the app, but then they're probably taking some of their conversations offline and direct. And that's, to me, the essence of a good networking group.”

This episode, Charles Potts and Brink discuss the positive impact ICBA Community has fostered and how community bankers can make the most out of the platform.

This episode is sponsored by FIS.


  • ICBA Community already has over 1,700 members and continues to grow. Join the conversation today.

  • Check out the November issue of Independent Banker for more information on what ICBA Community can help you accomplish.