Episode 7

Why Cybersecurity is No Longer Just an IT Issue—with Jeff Newgard of Bank of Idaho and Kevin Piette of State Bank of Cross Plains

“Today, in literal terms, everybody has to operate as that state-of-the-art bank,” says Kevin Piette, chief operating officer and chief information officer for State Bank of Cross Plains, in the newest episode of ICBA’s Communities of Innovation podcast. 

Cybersecurity is a growing priority today for community banks, which are up against an ever-increasing presence of hackers, security breaches and hidden threats. But, according to Piette and Jeff Newgard, president and CEO of Bank of Idaho, community banks shouldn’t just build a plan. They need an ecosystem of cybersecurity technology, relationships, and best practices. Piette and Newgard are joined by host Charles Potts, ICBA’s chief innovation officer.

“Communicate on a constant basis to employees and let them know they are a key component to our cybersecurity. And not just for security's sake, but people’s livelihoods. These are real families that depend on good cybersecurity for the bank’s sake to have a job, but also for customers, their livelihood. There is a lot riding on if they just click something and that awareness is key.” Jeff Newgard, president and CEO of Bank of Idaho.