Episode 2

Community Banking and Cryptocurrency – A Conversation with Quontic Bank’s Steve Schnall and ICBA’s Brian Laverdure

Host Charles Potts, Chief Innovation Officer of the Independent Community Bankers of America, talks with Steve Schnall, CEO of Quontic Bank about how the bank launched a cryptocurrency rewards program to generate customer interest.

Brian Laverdure, Vice President, Payments and Technology Policy for ICBA offers insight on the changing crypto regulatory environment. This episode is sponsored by Atlas Platform.

“We did some surveys and found a lot of consumers are interested in Bitcoin but didn’t really understand it well enough to want to risk their money buying it or didn’t want to suffer the volatility… so the idea was if we could develop a product where people could earn Bitcoin as a reward for just conducting the transactions they conduct every day anyways, like using their debit card, it might be a way to galvanize a base of consumers around this innovative new product.” Steve Schnall, CEO, Quontic Bank

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