Getting Started: Youtube

YouTube Profile Setup

YouTube video content is a cost-effective way to educate and entertain your audience with bite-sized information and long-form tutorials.

Getting started

Channel icon and artwork

  • Like Facebook and Twitter, employ a dedicated icon and artwork. <href="#youtube">Click here for dimensions.</href="#youtube">

Channel description

  • The “About” section of your profile is an ideal place to make a personal impression of your viewers and funnel them to your social profiles or homepage. Include a brief mission statement or welcome message as well as pertinent links to your homepage, social profiles and a business email address under the "About" section of the channel description. YouTube allows up to five links and customizable hyperlink text up to 30 characters.


For more information about getting started with YouTube, visit: This site includes a quickstart guide, welcome, YouTube basics, branding your channel and an introduction to YouTube policies and guidelines.