Being Prepared for Virtual Lobby Day Meetings

Since the ICBA Capital Summit this year will be virtual, successful meetings require a different set of tools. This year your meetings will likely be a Zoom call facilitated by your state executive. (If you’re not sure who your state executive is or how to get in touch with them, please let John Coleman know at [email protected]; he can help you set up a meeting.) 

The meeting with your member(s) of Congress will be anywhere from 10-30 minutes, might or might not be with the member and will require unique logistical considerations.  

To ensure a successful meeting, you will need good lighting (from behind the camera), good sound (no feedback or sirens) and to have practiced with your group (so you don’t talk over each other).

Being virtual also means relying more heavily on digital education, so researching your member in the Action Center, subscribing to their newsletter, setting up a google alert, following them on social media, brushing up the community bank footprint in your area, and reviewing our digital Lobby Card

While your state executive is handling setting up your meeting, you can actually start with meeting prep right now! Right now, mark 20 minutes off your calendar on Friday April 30th to do follow-up with offices. Here’s a draft letter you can use. Edit it and send it to the offices you met with.

For detailed tips and tricks on how to have a successful virtual meeting with your member of Congress visit our Virtual Advocacy Toolbox. Afterward, grab a Zoom background here.

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