Online Training Newsletter – February 2024

Feb. 16, 2024


We are developing new courses for our full access plans. Included are:

  • Two new courses on Regulation B: Small Business Lending (1071).

  • Four new Community Reinvestment Act courses.

  • Two new Regulation CC courses.

  • Updated fraud courses, including check fraud.

  • One new Red Flag Identity Theft course.

  • Two new courses on Cash/Treasury Management.

  • Two new courses on Payments.

  • And, more to come!

Please email Mandy Snyder ([email protected]) with course topic requests and we will work to add them to the list.

What’s New

  • On Feb. 13, all HSA & IRA courses were updated for the current rule and threshold changes for 2024.

Did You Know?

Did you know that when you assign a course to someone, an email does not go out to the individual that they have been assigned a course. The system is designed this way so that you can communicate with your bankers about what they have been assigned (if more than one course), tell them the due date(s), and other specific information you want to include regarding their assigned training for the month/quarter/year. In addition, bankers are very aware of cybersecurity threats. Having an email come from an internal employee allows the banker to feel comfortable about opening the email versus an email that they are unaware of the sender and the contents.