August 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

Aug. 27, 2021


In the fast-moving world of social messaging, the phrase “I don’t know” has its own abbreviation. The very existence of “IDK” suggests that the state of not knowing—and being willing to admit it—is an essential part of being human.
It's okay to remind yourself that you can’t know everything about the banking industry, even if you are considered an expert in your field. A gut-check now and again is critical to keep your learning gauge at the right level. 
The benefits of embracing “I don’t know” are plentiful. It can prevent us from making mistakes and going down the wrong path and also invites feedback from colleagues and promotes collaboration. It also gives us permission to shift direction rapidly, if needed, and that can be very exciting. Every time you say “I don’t know,” remember that it’s another chance to learn something new.
ICBA’s Online Training Course Catalog and system give employees many opportunities to turn “IDK” into “I know where to find that” or “Let me refresh my memory” or “I’m curious and want to learn more.” Be sure to share the entire course listing with your employees so that they can enroll in courses in subject areas that they do not know much about.
Also remind them that after completing a course, they can go back and review that same course without re-enrolling by launching the course from the Completed Courses tab within the Online Training Center.

Catalog Updates

There were no new courses or updates to the catalog in August. There will also be no new courses added to the course catalog in September. In the meantime, we are preparing for the new Standard Plan, Custom Plan, and Bank Compliance Bundle subscription year.
We are working on updating all seven of the audit courses, the four Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) courses in addition to adding a fifth overview course and converting any courses that are still in the old “page 1, next, page 2, next” format into the new look and functionality. We will also be adding three more cybersecurity courses.

Did You Know?

Attention Standard Plan, Custom Plan, and Bank Compliance Bundle Subscribers, did you know it's time to renew your ICBA Community Banker University Online Training Subscription? An electronic invoice was sent to one of your LMS Administrators on July 22 and an additional invoice was sent to either your accounts payable email or the LMS Administrator on August 24.
A paper invoice should arrive to the bank the week of August 30. Renewal invoices must be paid by September 30 for your employees to seamlessly continue with their courses. If you cannot locate the individual who received the email or have other questions about your subscription, please contact Cathy Von Wahlde at 320-352-7337.