June 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

July 01, 2021


Occasionally, we hear from bankers who tell us that a completed course is not moving from the Current Enrollments tab to the Completed Courses tab. To help you and your staff troubleshoot why this might be happening, we’ve compiled a system checklist, plus best practices to follow when taking an online course.

Read the Guide

We encourage administrators to distribute this document to your staff. If you encounter a situation where best practices and system checks have been followed and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact Cathy Von Wahlde or another Community Banker University team member with the information below and we will mark the course as complete:

  • Banker’s Name

  • Banker’s Email Address

  • Course Name

  • Course Completion Date

  • Course Test Score

If you have any questions regarding the document or any other system functions, please contact us.

What’s New?

The following NEW courses were added to the full course catalog on June 11, 2021:

  • Regulation DD: Truth in Saving – In Depth

  • Regulation DD: Truth in Savings – Overview

  • IT Security; Mobile Phone Security Awareness

  • Multigenerational Workforce

  • Real Estate Wire Fraud Awareness

  • Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (California)(AB1963)

Compliance Bundle Subscribers: The course Regulation DD: Truth in Savings Act has been replaced with the new Regulation DD: Truth in Savings – In Depth course.

The course Regulation DD: Truth in Savings Act has been retired from the catalog. However, the content is not incorrect, so it is up to the administrator whether you want to unenroll current enrollments from this course and switch them to one of the two new Regulation DD courses.

Premium Plan Subscribers: The new courses are not automatically placed into your catalog of courses. You can modify catalog names, add or remove catalogs, and fully control which courses are displayed within each catalog. Many Premium Plan clients have customized the catalogs based on their needs. Because of this ability to customize, when new courses are added to the LMS, they are not automatically added into a catalog. This function is left to the LMS administrator to place the course in the specific catalog based on their bank's needs. To help with this process, we have included instructions on adding a course into a catalog of your choice. If you have any questions, reach out to Vubiz for technical assistance.

What’s Coming?

On July we are launching another set of new courses. Review the course catalog on July 1 for details and enroll employees right away. Courses include:

  • Principles of Banking Overview

  • IT Security: Ransomware

  • IT Security: Credential Stuffing

  • Synthetic Identity Fraud

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Planning for Success

  • Supporting Gender Identity and Expression

We will also be retiring our three existing Americans with Disabilities Act courses and replacing them with a newly updated course specific to banks.

Did You Know?

Did you know Online Training Renewal season is coming up again very soon? Watch for an email from Cathy Von Wahlde later in July with details on plans for the online training course catalog in 2022 and an invoice to renew your subscription.