April 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

April 28, 2021


To best support your employees’ learning and development we need your help! Please take this short survey and share how you prefer to assign training and what you think about some recent course modifications that we have made.

Your feedback is extremely valuable (and anonymous) and will be used to help us improve your online training experience. Thank you in advance!


What’s New?

  • In case you missed it, on March 31 we added six new cyber courses to the full course catalog. These courses cover specific topics related to cybersecurity and are shorter in length.

  • On April 1, we launch a new course titled “Introduction to Financial Statements.” This course can be found in the Finance catalog.

  • The following courses were updated with fresh content on April 16:

    • Bank Secrecy Act – BSA and Compliance Officers

    • Bank Secrecy Act – Lenders and Loan Operations

    • Bank Secrecy Act – Overview for All Personnel

    • Bank Secrecy Act – Senior Management and Directors

Course enrollments are automatically updated with the new content. Nothing needs to be done by LMS Administrators.

  • Also on April 16, the Bank Secrecy Act – Frontline and Deposit Operations course, was changed to a new format and fresh new content was added. There are no longer separate modules with separate tests. If you currently have employees enrolled in the Frontline and Deposit Operations course, you will want to unenroll them in the current version and re-enroll them in the new version. If you do not choose to do this, that is okay as they will have the existing content which is still accurate.

Custom Plan Subscribers: The new Frontline and Deposit Operations course allows you to put several different policies into the appropriate spots within the course. Check out the Upload Policies section to see what you can now add.

  • Premium Plan Subscribers: “Introduction to Financial Statements” and “Bank Secrecy Act – Frontline and Deposit Operations” and the six new cyber courses are not automatically placed into your catalog of courses as they are new courses. You can modify catalog names, add or remove catalogs and fully control which courses are displayed within each catalog. Many of the Premium Plan clients have customized the catalogs based on their needs. Because of this ability to customize, when new courses are added to the LMS, they are not automatically added into a catalog. This function is left to the LMS administrator to place the course in the specific catalog based on their bank's needs. To help with this process, we have included instructions on adding a course into a catalog of your choice:

If you have any questions, reach out to Vubiz. 

What’s Coming?

This May we will be launching the following NEW courses. Check the “What’s New” tab on a periodic basis to see when they launch.

  • Fair Housing Act for Banks

  • Fair Housing Act

  • Regulation E: Gift Cards & General-Use Prepaid Cards

  • Regulation E: Prepaid Accounts

Did You Know?

Did you know that the best way to ensure the online courses function and complete properly is to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser? With the sunsetting of security and support of Internet Explorer later in 2021, now is the time to ensure that all employee computers can access Chrome or Edge.