January 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

Jan. 28, 2021


It’s a new year and for many of you, your annual employee training calendar is just kicking off. Some of you may have already mapped out the courses you plan to enroll employees in, while others are thinking, “Shoot, I need to get that done”. You may even be somewhere in between.

Regardless of where you are in the process, we want to make you are aware of some of great courses coming to you in the very near future. In fact, if you’ve already plotted your course for the year, we suggest that you consider bumping some things around to make way for these timely new offerings.

The first set of new courses to launch this year cover Regulation E. Regulation E covers many topics and rules. The existing Regulation E course was very lengthy and detailed. We broke this course into five brand new courses (listed below) so that you can enroll employees into the appropriate courses based on their job duties.

The detailed course catalog provides you with descriptions, learning objectives, and course outlines for each. We suggest you take a few minutes to look through the catalog and determine how you can incorporate these new courses into your training program. 

Next up we are updating all our Bank Secrecy Act courses. Look for newly updated hot topics, examples of suspicious activity and other BSA related requirements.  

Other course updates include the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Regulation DD, Right to Financial Privacy, all seven audit courses, any many more. We will also be creating new courses on the Fair Housing Act, Regulatory Exam, and a Principles of Banking Overview. 

What’s New? 

On Jan. 27, 2021 we launched five new Regulation E Courses: 

  • Regulation E: Disclosure Requirements
  • Regulation E: Liability and Error Resolution
  • Regulation E: Overdrafts
  • Regulation E: Overview
  • Regulation E: Remittance

Due to the addition of these new courses, the course “Regulation E: Electronic Fund Transfers Act” is being retired. This course will no longer be updated based on future regulation changes. If you have employees enrolled in this course, you should unenroll them in the course and enroll them in one or more of the new courses.  

Note to Compliance Bundle Subscribers: The course “Regulation E: Overview” will be put into your bundle of courses. If you would like access to the other courses, you will need to upgrade to the Standard Plan. Please contact a Community Banker University’s Products and Online Training Specialist Cathy Von Wahlde if you would like more information on upgrading. 

Did You Know? 

Did You Know that prior to creating a new ICBA account for an employee you should double check that they don’t already have an account? After you have entered the employee’s information into the system and clicked Save, scroll up to see if there are potential duplicate records. If there are any potentials, you will see this on the screen:

Online Training Screenshot

If a matching name appears in the “Accounts Found” box, you must determine if this is the same person you are attempting to add. Follow these guidelines: 

  • If an Organization of a potential match appears and is the same as your Organization but the person is at a different location, click Edit This Individual and change their Organization (location). After editing, click the Save button. 

  • If an Organization of a potential match appears and it looks like the Organization that your new employee worked at before, double check with the individual first, then click Edit This Individual and change all of the appropriate fields to match their current position at your bank. After editing, click the Save button. 

  • If there is an exact match and all information is correct, the new employee you are attempting to add, is already set up. Click the Cancel button next to the new entry you started.  

If there is not an exact account match in the “Accounts Founds” box or you are uncertain if a potential match is an exact match, click on Click here to add the individual anyway and they will be added to the system. Note: This may happen when an employee leaves the bank, they are deleted, and then return to the bank to work. Even though they were removed from your bank, they are not removed from the ICBA system. 

Details on creating a new account can be found in the Administrators Guide beginning on Page 6.