September 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Sep. 28, 2020


A new year of online training kicks off Oct. 1, 2020!

Whether you are looking for the latest regulatory compliance training or want to challenge your staff to push beyond their comfort zones, Community Banker University has expanded our online catalog to include a wealth of new courses and content to help you meet your objectives. (All new and updated courses are marked as such in the catalog so you can easily see what has changed).

What's New?

  • NEW! Your online training subscription now includes 12 ALL NEW Health Savings Account (HSA) and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) courses.

  • NEW! Look for new courses in the Finance, Human Resource, Management/Leadership, and Personal Development catalogs. Some specific courses you may be interested in are:

    • Flexible Work Arrangement and Your Organization

    • Best Practices for Returning to Work for Employees/Employers

    • Effective Leadership

    • Returning to the Workplace During a Pandemic

    • Understanding Financial Statements

  • NEW! Check out the new Marketing catalog. The new catalog contains some marketing courses you may be familiar with, but we’ve added several new ones.

  • NEW! The Ethics of Bankers course has been updated to include all new content and functionality. Find it in the Human Resources catalog.

  • NEW!  We've replaced the Regulation B: Equal Credit Opportunity Act course with four all new courses that are area specific (overview, adverse action, appraisal rules, applications). If you have employees currently enrolled in the course, consider unenrolling them and re-enrolling them in one or more of the new courses on Oct. 1, The retired course will no longer be updated with changes to the regulation.

  • REMOVED. The Computer Skills catalog containing the Microsoft Office courses have been removed. If anyone on your team requires this type of training, we recommend that you go directly to the Microsoft Office website as they have free training there.

What’s Coming

  • In the coming months look for new courses on Non-deposit Investment Products, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, plus six new Regulation E courses.

Did You Know? 

Your online training subscription expires Sept. 30, 2020. If you haven’t renewed it yet, there is still time to renew or upgrade from the Bank Compliance Bundle to the Standard Plan.

We don’t want to see you go, but if you’ve decided not to renew your online training subscription, you must pull your enrollment completion reports by no later than Sept. 30. Beginning Oct. 1, you will no longer have access to the system.

To renew or upgrade your subscription, please contact a Community Banker University team member at 800-422-7285.