June 2020 - Online Training Newsletter


With more community bankers working from home, Community Banker University® has noted an uptick in the number of bankers who are completing their online training. Unfortunately, we have also seen a few instances where bankers are completing their courses, but the system is not marking a course as closed.

There are several different reasons this could be happening. When troubleshooting consider the following items (refer to pages 2 and 3 of the Administrators Guide for a more detailed list of settings to check):

  • Browsers are continually being updated and caching has become an issue. Your bank has two options. One, the preferred method, is to have your IT department disable any content caching from icbalearning.org. Two, if you cannot disable caching, ensure your employees are clearing their cache before launching a new course. Ensure they are clearing “All time” rather than a shorter time frame. If you or your employees are unsure of how to clear cache for various browsers, please let us know and we can provide instructions.
  • As Internet Explorer is no longer updated or supported, it is best to use another browser such as Google Chrome to run the Online Training Center. This is not required, simply recommended for best results.
  • If your employees are working from home and taking their online training, ensure they are disconnected from the VPN when taking the courses.
  • If a course does not move to the Completed Courses tab right away, please let your employees know that they do not need to continue to try to take the course and test again. Please have them log out, wait until the next day and then log in again to see if it has moved to completed. If the course is still not marked as complete the following day, please e-mail [email protected] with the employee name, e-mail address, course that is not closing and test score (if they remember).

What’s New?

  • On June 3, the following courses were updated to reflect the Regulation CC: Funds Availability Act dollar amount changes that take effect July 1, 2020:

No administrative work is needed for employees currently enrolled in these courses. They will receive the updated information automatically. If the employee had started the course and not yet finished, they will have to start the course from the beginning.

What’s Coming

On July 8, we will be launching a new course titled Business Continuity Management for Banks. This course outlines the steps to build a sound BCM plan according to regulatory guidance.

If you are currently enrolled in the Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning course, you may consider enrolling in this new course instead as it is specific to banks rather than general business.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can search for a course by a keyword rather than browsing through each of the course catalogs? Click on the Search Courses tab and enter in a keyword(s). Available courses will appear if your keyword(s) was found in the course title or description. From the listing you can enroll in the appropriate course.