April 2020 - Online Training Newsletter


Due to what we expect is the result of an unprecedented number of community bankers working from home and reduced foot traffic in-branch, Community Banker University experienced an exponential surge in course enrollments for the month of March.

From March 16-31, 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, Community Banker University reported a 409% increase in new enrollments. This trend has continued through April with enrollments up 106%.

March 2019

March 2020



April 2019

April 2020



We feel that these numbers underscore the value and scalability of online training, but we would love to hear what you think and what your experience has been. Are there positive outcomes you hadn’t anticipated such as improved morale or knocking out your required compliance training early? Send an email to [email protected] to share your experiences.


Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the regulators have been providing relief to financial institutions in many areas of compliance. All affected courses are being updated as soon as possible with the appropriate changes. Please carefully read through the “What’s New” section below to learn about the updates as well as action that may be required on your part.

What’s New?

April 2: Two new courses were added to the full course catalog. See course catalog for complete descriptions.

  • Managing a Remote Workforce
  • Working from Home Effectively

• April 3: The following courses were updated to reflect new guidelines from the CFPB (issued on March 26) regarding the flexibility of certain disclosure requirements for prepaid accounts and credit cards. No action is required on the part of LMS administrators for current enrollments in these courses.

  • Regulation E: Electronic Funds Transfer Act
  • Regulation Z: Credit Card Rules

• April 13: Updated versions of the HMDA courses (In-Depth and Practical Application) (including the delay of quarterly reporting for large reporters) launched. Shortly after the launch, the CFPB issued a final rule changing the loan volume thresholds for required reporting. The two courses were again updated on April 21 to include the new final rule information.

  • We strongly suggest that LMS Administrators unenroll employees form the “old” versions of the HMDA courses (enrollment date prior to April 13) and enroll them in the new course.
  • Premium Plan customers, please adjust any existing certifications you have that include either of these courses to include the new versions. The old versions will appear as “RETIRED” in the course listing dropdown.

• April 14: The Regulation E: Electronic Funds Transfer Act was updated to include guidance provided by the CFPB on April 10 in relation to Remittance Transfer Rules and the extension of the temporary exception to estimates that was set to expire on July 21, 2020. No action is required on the part of LMS administrators for current enrollments in this course.

• April 16: The following courses were updated to include information on the April 14 notice from the regulatory agencies regarding the deferment of required appraisals prior to closing due to COVID-19. No action is required on the part of LMS administrators for current enrollments in these courses.

  • Appraisal Standards
  • Regulation B: Equal Credit Opportunity Act

• April 30: The following courses were updated to reflect the Federal Reserve’s amendments to Regulation D (issued April 24) regarding the removal of the requirement to monitor and restrict withdrawals from savings accounts:

  • Regulation D: Reserve Requirements
  • Regulatory Examination Preparation
  • Introduction to Deposit Compliance
  • Introduction to Compliance for Tellers
  • Deposits 101

What’s Coming

• In May, the following new courses will be available in the full course catalog:

  • Fair Lending
  • SAFE Act Training for Program Administrators
  • SAFE Act Training for MLO’s

• We are in the process of creating two new courses on Regulation P – Privacy, that will include an In-Depth course and an Overview course.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can have as many Online Training Center (LMS) administrators at your bank as you would like? All you need to do is edit each employee’s profile on the ICBA website through Roster Management.

You must add the Job Function “LMS Administrator” and change their ICBA Relationship to “C-Level”. For instructions on how to do this, see page 12 of the Administrators Guide.