October 2019 - Online Training Newslettter


What's New

October has been a busy month for the Online Training Center! Here's a rundown of everything that took place:

1. An updated course catalog and administrator guide were posted to the ICBA website and within the Online Training Center administrator tab. Please review the catalog for new courses that have been added to the "soft skills" areas (marked with *NEW) and the administrator guide for some technical requirement information. 

2. On Oct. 1, there was a change to course title for two of the existing harassment courses found in the human resource catalog within the ICBA Online Training Center. Please note the following title changes when you are enrolling employees in the following courses:

  • Preventing Harassment and Illegal Discrimination for Employees (Federal)
    • New Course Title: Employee Harassment Prevention
  • Preventing Harassment and Illegal Discrimination for Supervisors (Federal)
    • New Course Title: Employee Harassment Prevention

All other harassment course titles remain the same (California, New York, and Spanish versions).

3. All courses within the Teller Catalog were updated with new content on Oct. 1. Note: The title of the course "Check Processing" was changed to "Check Cashing".

4. On Sept. 27, regulators amended the Appraisal Rules, increasing threshold and allowing for certain exemptions. The course "Appraisal Standards" was updated on Oct. 9 to reflect these rule changes. 

5. On Oct. 18, two new payments courses were added to the course catalog:

  • Payments 101: Part 1 — Checks and Credit Cards
    • Course Outline:
      • Key Features of a Check
      • Check Participants & Processing Flow (payer, payee, BFD, Fed, paying bank)
      • Check Regulations (UCC, Reg CC, Reg J)
      • Types of Cards
      • Key Features of Cards
      • Card Participants (cardholder, issuer, merchant, bank, processor, network)
      • Card Processing Flow
      • Card Legal Framework
  • Payments 101: Part 2 — ACH & Wire Transfers
    • Course Outline:
      • Define ACH
      • ACH Participants (receiver, originator, ODFI, RDFI, ACH operator)
      • ACH Flow
      • Participant Responsibilities
      • Define Wire Transfer
      • Wire Transfer Participants (originator, Orig FI, beneficiary, correspondent)
      • Wire Transfer Flow
      • Wire Transfer Regulations (OFAC, BSA, Reg J, UCC)

6. On Oct.10, the CFPB amended Regulation C to adjust the expiration date for the temporary loan volume for reporting HELOCs as well as implemented into the Regulation the changes provided in the HMDA Interpretive & Procedures Rule issued in October 2018. The following courses were updated on Oct. 29 to reflect the amendments:

  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act - In Depth
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act - Practical Application

What's Coming

We are in the process of finalizing the audio on our updated and new IT courses. These will be available in November. The titles include (details to be published in next month’s newsletter):

  • Cybersecurity Overview for Employees - NEW
  • Cybersecurity Overview for Sr. Management & Directors - NEW
  • Fundamentals of IT Security - NEW
  • Phishing and Ransomware - Updated
  • Cloud Computing - An Introduction - Updated
  • Managing Mobile Devices - Updated
  • Common Frauds & Scams - Updated

Did You Know?

Did you know that the updated administrator guide now includes a detailed section on the network, computer, and mobile device requirements that are necessary for the online courses to function properly? Please read or provide your IT department with pages 2-4 of the guide and ensure your systems match-up.