September 2019 - Online Training Newsletter

Have Your Employees Completed Their Required Regulatory Training?

It’s hard to believe there is only one quarter left of 2019 and then the new year starts all over again. Many of you have training calendars that run from January to December. That means you have three months to ensure your employees have completed all their required regulatory training. Now’s the time to pull an activity report to see what’s been assigned and who has yet to complete their enrollments.  Remember, the federal regulations require bank employees to receive training on the following subjects:

  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Bank Protection Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Red Flags/Identity Theft
  • Customer Information Security
  • Regulation CC (only staff impacted by the requirements)

Other training areas in which federal regulators like to see bankers trained in, but are not technically required, are: 

  • Fair Lending (lenders, lending support staff, management
  • SAFE Act (mortgage loan originators) 
  • All other technical regulations related to the employee’s specific job function 

If you have not enrolled your employees in any required training, you will want to do so before the clock runs out on 2019. The Online Training Catalog has courses available for each area and/or regulation. For those employees who are enrolled, but have not yet completed their enrollments, start reminding them to complete their enrollments.  

Attention Standard Plan, Custom Plan and Bank Compliance Bundle Subscribers! If you have not yet renewed your online training subscription for the new year (Oct. 1, 2019 – Sept. 30, 2020) you will no longer have access to the system beginning Oct. 1, 2019. To renew your subscription, please call Cathy Von Wahlde at 320-352-7337 with your payment information.  

What’s Coming 

On October 1, when you log into the Online Training Center you will see two new tabs on the left side of the screen: Compliance Vault and Certification Portfolio. Here’s a summary of what the new tabs have to offer: 

Compliance Vault: The Compliance Vault is available to all ICBA Member Banks as a member benefit. The Compliance Vault is a reliable search tool that helps you find answers to your regulatory compliance questions, with access to more than 2,400 Q&As and hundreds of compliance related documents. Compliance topics entered into the Vault will also direct you to specific online courses that contain the information you seek. Find up-to-date answers about topics from across the compliance spectrum, written by Community Banker University instructors, industry compliance experts, and regulatory agencies. To access the Vault, just log in with your Online Training login credentials. 

Certification Portfolio: ICBA Certified bankers may use the online training courses within the Online Training Center for up to half of their required CPE’s. When the banker completes an online course, they can click the Certification Portfolio tab and they will be directed to the location where they can report their completed online course right away. To learn more about ICBA Certifications, click the tab.  

ALSO, on October 1 we will have an updated Course Catalog & Administrators Guide available. Please log into the Online Training Center, click on the Administration tab, and view the Catalog & Guide. The Course Catalog displays *NEW* next to the courses we’ve added or updated for October 1. At the beginning of the Administration Guide we have added some technical guidelines for you to follow to ensure the courses you take launch and complete correctly.  

Did You Know? 

Did you know that if you accidentally bulk enroll all employees in a single or multiples courses, there is no way to remove the bulk enrollment? You will have to manually delete each employee’s enrollment individually (one-by-one). In order to assist you from making this mistake, we have added a confirmation checkbox to each enrollment function. Please make sure you review what you have moved from the list on the left to the list on the right before checking the box and adding the enrollments. 

September CBU Online Newsletter