June 2019 - Online Training Newsletter

It's Subscription Renewal Time!

If you’re a Bank Compliance Bundle subscriber or a Standard or Custom Plan subscriber, your subscription expires on Sept. 30. We hope that you found value in our best-in-class online courses and we look forward to supporting your bank’s training efforts in the new subscription year.  

Renewal invoices will be emailed to the banker who is listed as your bank’s primary contact for online training. Please watch for an email from [email protected] with instructions detailing how to renew your online training subscription.

2019-2020 — Member Subscription Pricing
Standard Plan $599 
Custom Plan $1,299
Bank Compliance Bundle $299 

What’s New

The following courses were updated and launched on June 26:

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Overview (formerly Gramm-Leach-Bliley Primer on Privacy): If you had employees enrolled in this course and they have not yet completed it, they will receive the new course automatically.  
  • Red Flags Identity Theft Prevention Programs: Employees currently enrolled in this course may continue with the existing course. If you would like your existing enrollees to receive the new content, you will need to determine who has not completed it, delete their enrollment and re-enroll them. New enrollments will automatically receive the new course content.  

What’s Coming 

We are presently updating all the courses in the Teller Training catalog.

Did You Know?

CBU Online Course Progress Bar
When taking an online course have you ever gotten to the end of the page and the “Next” button has not turned green, indicating that you cannot proceed to the next page? If so, this means you have not completed a section. To see what you have missed, click the blue progress bar at the top of your screen.

CBU Online Course Summary Bar 

A progress box will appear, and you can tell what areas you have not completed because they are not filled in with white. You will need to go back to that section(s) and complete.