May 2019 - Online Training Newsletter

You Have the Power!

We hope that you are enjoying our website’s new roster management functionality (please note we have updated our Administrator's Guide to reflect the new system changes). According to our data it looks like many of you are now managing your employee rosters on your own without having to contact a Community Banker University team member for assistance. While giving you the ability to quickly and efficiently manage your employee roster was our end-goal, we hope that you will always feel welcome to call us and share your thoughts, input, suggestions, and successes.

Community Banker University strives to provide you with quality products and services and your ongoing feedback is greatly appreciated. Are there specific resources, online training courses, webinars, or live events that could help you better perform your duties and advance your career? We want to hear from you! What are your needs? What are your wants? What is working and what isn’t? Always know that we are only a phone call or email away.

What’s New

Part 1:

Did you hear that Community Banker University introduced a new online certificate program last week? Composed of 12 online courses, the Principles of Banking Certificate Program was designed to give community bankers a thorough grounding in banking fundamentals. This certificate is ideal for employees new to banking and those looking to enrich their understanding of how a bank is structured, operates financially, serves its customers and community and stays safe and compliant. This program is available for purchase for either bank-wide use or on an individual certificate basis.

Courses include:

  • Banking Landscape–historical review of the industry and current bank operations 
  • Bank Structure–the unique structure of a bank as a financial intermediary 
  • Banking Finance–the breakdown of a bank’s financial statements and its fiduciary duties
  • Banking Products and Services–traditional and international services and payment methods
  • FDIC–policies and procedures for compliance
  • Cross-Selling–leveraging a bank’s product lineup to strengthen customer relationships
  • Compliance and Regulations–guidance for deposit accounts, loans, fair lending, BSA, and more
  • CAMELS–review the bank exam framework and CAMELS rating components
  • Safeguarding Customer Information–processes to safeguard bank and customer data
  • Physical Security–controls to combat physical attacks (synthetic or acts of nature)
  • Banking Fraud–review of common fraud types and prevention methods

Part 2:

The following courses have been updated into the new format of courses for more learner interaction:

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Product Knowledge & Cross-Selling

What’s Coming

We will be updating the following courses soon:

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Primer on Privacy

Did You Know?

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