October 2018 - Online Training Newsletter

Community Banker University would like to thank you for your continued use of our Online Training Center. Your community bank has made the excellent choice to use online training as part of its professional development program. Here are some fun facts about e-learning that you may not know:

  • E-learning typically requires 40 to 60 percent less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting.1
  • E-learning increases retention rates by 25 to 60 percent! Face-to-face training retention rates are very low in comparison at 8 to 10 percent.2
  • 42 percent of companies say that e-learning has led to increased revenue.3
  • Companies that use e-learning technology achieve a 19 percent boost in employee engagement.4

More community banks than ever rely on e-learning to train staff. At Community Banker University, it is our ultimate priority to ensure that our courses and offerings deliver best-in-class content with maximum flexibility. To that end, we are presently modifying some of our longer technical courses so that they are shorter and easier to digest. We are also continuously adding new courses and updating existing courses to reflect industry trends and changes.

Updates Affecting All Subscription Plans

The following courses were updated in October:

  • Regulation P: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: Changes to annual privacy notice requirements due to amendment of Regulation P on Aug. 10, 2018.
  • Both Home Mortgage Disclosure Act courses (In-Depth and Practical Application): Changes made to data point requirements for certain banks due to the Interpretive and Procedural Rule put out by the Bureau on Aug. 31, 2018.
  • Fair Lending Laws: Minor changes made to HMDA section due to the Interpretive and Procedural Rule put out by the Bureau on Aug. 31, 2018.
  • Red Flags Identity Theft Prevention Programs: Change in the timing of how long CRA’s are required to leave a security freeze on a consumer’s credit report due to the amendments of the Fair Credit Reporting Act on Sept. 12, 2018.e

What’s Next?

  • The Appraisal Standards course will be updated to ensure accuracy with appraisal requirements for rural areas due to changes implemented by the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act.
  • Other courses will be reviewed for general content updates to reflect changes in the current banking industry. 

Did You Know?

On Oct. 1, new enrollment and reporting options were made available to administrators within the Administration tab of the Online Training System. Administrators can now enroll multiple employees into multiple courses at one time. Administrators also have a new reporting option to pull a report of employee completions on a specific course, rather than all courses. Instructions on how to use these new options as well as existing options within the Administration tab can be found in the updated Administrators Guide.

We’ve also added a Frequently Asked Questions and Issues section to the Administrators Guide to help you through some of some of questions we hear most at Community Banker University. Check them out beginning on page 18 of the guide to see if any of your questions can be easily answered.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the great improvements we are making, please contact a Community Banker University team member at 800-422-7285 or info@communitybankeruniversity.com.

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