September 2017 - Online Training Newsletter

Sep 27, 2017

ICBA’s Community Banker University is excited to tell you about a change you will see when you log into your online training beginning on Monday, Oct. 2.

We created new catalogs, changed catalog names and moved various courses to those more specific titled catalogs. You will see the following catalogs:

  • Audit – NEW!
    Find courses related to auditing various departments within your bank.
  • Bank Security – Name Change
    Previously the Security Skills catalog. Find courses related to bank security such as robbery procedures and physical information security.
  • California Specific Courses – Existing
    Courses in this catalog refer to human resource rules specific to California.
  • Communication – Existing
    Find courses to help you improve your written and verbal communication skills.
  • Compliance – Bank Regulations – Name Change
    Previously the Compliance-Bank Specific catalog. The only courses that remain in this catalog are those that relate to Federal banking regulations and laws. All course that were previously in this catalog that did not related to regulations and laws have been moved to their more specific catalogs (Audit, IT, HR).
  • Computer Skills – Existing
    Microsoft courses can be found here.
  • Customer Service/Sales – Existing
    Find courses to help you improve your customer service, sales, and marketing skills.
  • Finance – Existing
    Courses to help you understand financial statements, customer profitability, and budgeting can be found here.
  • Health & Safety – Existing
    Office safety courses are found here.
  • Human Resources – Existing
    Courses related to human resources law and employee performance are found here. Many courses from the existing Compliance-Workplace catalog have been moved here.
  • Information Security – NEW!
    Courses pertaining to general information security and fraud can be found in this catalog.
  • Management/Leadership – Existing
    Learn how to lead effectively, work as a team, and create a positive environment with courses found in this catalog.
  • Personal Development – Existing
    Learn how to become a better you with courses found in this catalog.
  • Teller Training – Existing
    Train your new employees on the basics of being a teller with these courses.

On Monday, Oct. 2, see the updated Course Catalog online. Go to the Online Training page and find the Course Catalog underneath the Login & Start Training button.

In order to make these changes, the system will update on Friday, Sept. 29 at 3 p.m. (Eastern time) to Monday, Oct. 2 at 9 a.m. (Eastern time). You may still log into your online training, enroll in courses, and take the courses; however, you may see duplicate catalogs and courses. No matter which catalog or course you choose from, your records remain in the system during and after the update.