2017 Donations New Tripoli Bank

Jan 19, 2018

Since 1909 New Tripoli Bank has been committed to helping our community.  Currently, New Tripoli Bank has two Lehigh County, PA office locations, with another office underway.   We are fortunate to have a Board of Directors and Senior Management who deeply care about giving back to the local communities we serve. 

This year the bank donated to a number of valuable community institutions.  $132,000 was donated to local fire companies that are committed to keeping our residents safe. $100,000 was donated to Northwestern Lehigh Educational Foundation, an organization committed to furthering student’s education through programs that might not always be funded. $17,000 was given to local food pantries that always help those in need and $22,000 was donated to local ambulance service companies that provide emergency medical services in many townships throughout our local communities.   We also contributed $13,500 to local historical societies whose focus is to preserve our past and share it with future generations. These highlight some of our bigger donations but we also gave additional monies in 2017 to over 40 non-profits in our market.

New Tripoli Bank is proud that we continue our tradition of investing in our communities, where we live and work!