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Name Source Date Staff Expert
​​​​​​​Acting Comptroller Hsu says community bank climate-risk exams years away
CQ Roll Call 2022/03/11
Christopher Cole
‘Not a lot of momentum’ to reform outdated flood insurance program
American Banker 2022/05/25
Ron Haynie
2 bank failures are making smaller banks nervous about losing customers
NPR 2023/03/15
Rebeca Romero Rainey
2021 Mid-Year Industry Update with ICBA Securities' Jim Reber
Main Street Banking 2021/08/08
Jim Reber
2022 tied the record for credit union-bank deals, after all
Banking Dive 2023/01/05
6 de novos explain their tech choices
American Banker 2022/06/08
Charles Potts
A Car Salesman Took Me for All I’m Worth. Now I Have a Terrible Dilemma.
Slate 2022/03/15
A Digital Dollar for the Unbanked? Banks, Consumers See Pitfalls
Bloomberg Law 2022/06/22
Mickey Marshall
A vital pillar of US economy, regional banks soldier on
AFP 2023/03/23
ABA, ICBA: CFPB wants small bank input on credit card fee rules
Oklahoma Bankers Association 2023/01/24
Adverse market refinance fee eliminated
Dodd Frank Update 2021/07/19
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Advice to Community Bankers from Pres Kennedy
Barret School of Banking 2022/02/23
Alabama deal adds grist to debate over bank-credit union mergers
American Banker 2021/08/05
Rebeca Romero Rainey
'Almost purely opportunity': Banks prep for historic climate investment
American Banker 2022/08/21
Americans Understand Crypto Risks, but Not Regulations, Survey Finds
Blockworks 2022/09/19
Rebeca Romero Rainey
An economy with no roadmap
Politico 2022/07/25
Arizona deal marks 5th credit union purchase of bank in 2022
Banking Dive 2022/03/14
As credit unions resume M&A, bankers renew attacks on tax exemption
American Banker 2021/06/16
Aaron Stetter
As CU Reps Head to Hill, Bank Group Urges Congress to Ask Questions About Tax Exemption
CU Today 2022/03/02
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Atlanta Fed Executives Discuss Community Banks' Role in the National Economy
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 2022/09/08
Bank Failures Boost Tim Scott’s Visibility as He Mulls 2024 Run
Bloomberg Government 2023/03/29
Paul Merski
Bank groups oppose FDIC plan to hike deposit insurance assessment rates
SNL Financial 2022/08/24
Bank groups: CFPB should keep nose out of bank mergers
Housing Wire 2022/06/17
Banker of the Year 2022: Brenda K. Foster
BankBeat 2022/01/01
Bankers Call for CRA for CUs During Hearing; ‘Feeble Attack’ Meant to Distract, Says NAFCU
CU Today 2022/07/13
Bankers’ Group Calls on FHFA, Agencies to Align Capital Rules to Avoid Penalizing Banks as Results of COVID-19 Related Liquidity Issues
CU Today 2022/11/02
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Bankers’ Group Expresses ‘Strong Opposition’ to Any U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency
CU Today 2022/05/23
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Bankers’ Group Issues Strong Criticism of Credit Card Bill
CU Today 2022/09/21
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Banking groups plead with Biden administration for bigger crypto role
American Banker 2022/08/09
Brian Laverdure
Banking on people: TCM Bank’s people-first culture key in handling pandemic disruptions
Capital Analytics Associates 2021/07/29
Damon Moorer
Banking on Technology
Business North 2022/06/15
Banking organizations oppose FDIC plan to increase deposit insurance rates
Financial Regulation News 2022/08/23
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Banking trade group “strongly” opposes nonbank membership in FHLB system
Housing Wire 2022/09/08
Banking trade groups highlight CFPB SBREFA obligations for credit card penalty fees rulemaking
JDSUPRA 2023/01/27
Banks ask CFPB to crack down on data aggregators
American Banker 2022/08/02
Banks Call for Housing Discrimination Scrutiny for Credit Unions
Credit Union Times 2022/07/14
Banks continue to push against credit unions
Jacksonville Daily Record 2022/06/23
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Banks hint at legal challenges to CRA rewrite
American Banker 2022/08/08
Banks hit back at merchants over inflation's role in swipe-fee debate
American Banker 2022/06/30
Banks hit out at ‘flawed and harmful’ credit card competition plan
Banking Exchange 2022/09/21
Banks push back against CBDC
Payments Dive 2022/08/29
Banks Urge SBA to Keep Ban on Fintech Lenders
Banking Exchange 2023/01/09
Banks, consumer advocates unite against tax reporting proposal
American Banker 2021/06/17
Paul Merski
Banks, crypto lobby clash with lawmakers over Fed digital dollar
Politico 2022/08/22
Paul Merski
Banks, fintechs battle over SBA’s proposal
Payments Dive 2023/01/11
Rebeca Romero Rainey
BankTech Ventures raises $115M from community bank investors
Des Moines Business Record 2022/08/18
BankThink Regulators should rethink climate proposals to eliminate community bank impact
American Banker 2023/01/18
Rebeca Romero Rainey
BankThink Regulators, don’t penalize local banks for their pandemic response
American Banker 2022/11/14
BankThink: When credit unions buy banks, communities win
American Banker 2022/03/30
Biden administration expresses support for CBDC
BankBeat 2022/09/20
Biden administration takes aim at banks’ ‘junk fees’
Banking Dive 2022/10/27
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Biden Unlikely To Act On Marijuana Before Midterms, Senators Talk Cannabis Banking Reform Yet Again
Benzinga 2022/09/12
Big banks support SEC climate disclosure plan, small banks dread it
American Banker 2021/06/14
Chris Cole
Bill introduced in U.S. Senate would streamline the E-SIGN law
Financial Regulation News 2022/03/03
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Bill offering tax relief in rural lending gains support
Ag Daily 2021/07/02
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Bill seeks increased CFPB small business accountability
Financial Regulation News 2022/07/26
Bipartisan Lawmakers File Marijuana Banking Amendment To Must-Pass Defense Bill In Latest Reform Push
Marijuana Moment 2022/06/30
BPInsights: June 25, 2022
Bank Policy Institute 2022/06/25
Brex withdraws ILC, deposit insurance applications
BankingDive 2021/08/09
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Cannabis banking included in U.S. House-approved defense bill
Financial Regulation News 2022/07/14
CFPB files another status report in Section 1071 rulemaking lawsuit
Consumer Finance Monitor 2022/02/28
CFPB gets earful on limiting credit card late fees
American Banker 2022/08/05
Mickey Marshall
CFPB seeks input on alternative mortgage disclosures
Dodd Frank 2023/03/08
CFPB seeks input on construction and construction-to-permanent loan trial disclosure sandbox application
Ballard Spahr 2023/03/06
CFPB strikes at debt collector fees
Banking Dive 2022/06/30
Chamber of Commerce, trade groups blast CFPB for perceived overreach
Banking Dive 2022/06/29
Chamber targets consumer bureau chief for 'reckless actions'
Politico 2022/06/28
Clarksburg, West Virginia company Engine Management Specialist celebrates growth as community bank success story
WVNews 2022/06/24
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Colorado Governor Calls for Passage of Marijuana Banking Bill
Forbes 2022/10/10
Community Bankers Want Stricter Regulatory Standards Applied to Large Regional Banks
CU Today 2023/01/24
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Community Banks Call for Rules Upgrade on Larger Rivals
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Community Banks From 44 States Demand Congress Urgently Pass Marijuana Financial Services Fix
Marijuana Moment 2022/06/08
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Community Banks Give Small Businesses Big Business Tools to Run Their Business
Pymnts 2023/01/13
Community banks poised to win in wake of SVB collapse
Politico Pro 2023/03/29
Congressional cannabis “omnibus” bill details emerge
Marijuana Moment 2022/06/13
Consumer groups urge FDIC to reject Ford's ILC application
American Banker 2022/08/25
Consumers Support Digital Assets ‘Framework,’ But Are Skeptical of Digital Currency, Survey Finds
CU Today 2022/09/20
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Core10 secures $6.5m in series B round
FinTech Intel 2023/01/25
Credit union’s deal for bank part of trend
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2022/03/20
Michael Emancipator
Credit unions, local banks receive regulatory consideration under proposed Rounds, Scott bill
Ripon Advance News Service 2022/03/07
CUNA, NAFCU Join With Other Groups in Filing FOIA Over CFPB Implementation of Section of Dodd-Frank
CU Today 2022/05/30
CUNA, NAFCU Join With Other Groups in Support of ‘Close the ILC Loophole Act’
CU Today 2022/04/05
Data: LR seeing ebb in growth
Data: LR seeing ebb in growth 2022/01/02
Do Shared Branches Have a Role in the Digital Age?
The Financial Brand 2021/07/05
Chris Cole
DocFox Receives First Finny Award For Global Fintech Greatness
Arkansas Money & Politics 2022/08/22
DocFox wins first-ever Finny Award
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2022/08/18
Dozens of bank trade groups ask FHFA to change its tangible capital rule
American Banker 2022/10/18
Edward Jones withdraws ILC charter application
Banking Dive 2022/10/12
Expanded anti-discrimination guidelines create compliance challenge for US banks
SNL Financial 2022/03/30
Mickey Marshall
Failed U.S. banks struck a $22.5 billion blow to the deposit insurance fund. Who will pay the price?
MarketWatch 2023/03/29
Anne Balcer
FDIC plans to raise assessments in face of deposit glut
American Banker 2022/06/20
Christopher Cole
Fed capital policy puts community development aid out of some banks' reach
American Banker 2022/02/23
Fed master account guidance includes tiered review framework
Banking Dive 2022/08/16
Financial associations ask lawmakers to pass banking amendment in defense bill
Business of Cannabis 2022/07/14
Financial trade groups address credit card late fee guidance
NewsBreak 2023/01/25
Financial turbulence widens door to private equity in fast-growing aerospace sector
Reuters 2023/03/24
Anne Balcer
Financial-sector groups join calls for substantial rewrite of SEC cybersecurity proposal for publicly traded companies
Inside Cybersecurity 2022/05/12
Fintech Beat by Roll Call News: Watchdog bites crypto on safeguard shortfalls
CQ Roll Call 2022/03/31
Brian Laverdure
Fintech Startups and Banking Veterans Share Trade Floor on Summit's First Day
Arkansas Business 2022/08/16
Fintechs with Ukrainian staff strive to keep them safe from the fighting
American Banker 2022/03/07
Fisher elected chairman of ICBA 2021/08/02
Robert Fisher
Florida credit union buys bank for 10th such combo this year
Banking Dive 2022/08/15
Flurry of activity in Washington, D.C. leads to action on several credit union bills
Carolinas Credit Union League 2022/08/01
FMI joins trade groups in demanding more action on coin shortage
Supermarket News 2022/03/21
Ford ILC application gets pushback from ICBA, consumer groups
Banking Dive 2022/08/30
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Ford is Biden-era FDIC's first big ILC test
American Banker 2022/08/02
Chris Cole
Ford's ILC charter application faces uncertain future
S&P Global 2022/09/06
Chris Cole Susan Sullivan
Former Harris aide will lobby for Airbnb
Politico 2022/06/30
Scott Marks
Georgia-based Robins proposes year’s 2nd bank purchase by credit union
Banking Dive 2022/03/01
GOP Bills Would Curb CFPB's Push For Small Biz Loan Data
Law360 2022/02/17
Rebeca Romero Rainey
GreenState Credit Union calls off deal for Premier Bank in Nebraska
American Banker 2022/08/19
GreenState scraps acquisition of Nebraska bank after judge denies appeal
Banking Dive 2022/08/22
Guest column: Credit unions good for the customer, community and economy
Business Alabama 2022/03/30
Brad Bolton
House approves cannabis & psychedelics amendments
Marijuana Moment 2022/07/14
House Financial Committee passes overdraft bill
BankBeat 2022/08/01
House passes SAFE Banking Act with defense bill
BankBeat 2022/07/18
House-passed NDAA includes banking provisions for cannabis
Banking Dive 2022/07/18
How Philadelphia is laying the groundwork for a public bank
American Banker 2022/03/21
Aaron Stetter
ICBA advocates alignment of Federal Housing Finance Agency capital rule
Financial Regulation News 2022/11/03
Rebeca Romero Rainey
ICBA Bancard, Finzly partner on faster payments for community banks
American Banker 2021/07/12
Tina Giorgio
ICBA details BankTech Ventures Fund closing
Financial Regulation News 2022/08/23
Charles E. Potts
ICBA poll: Two-thirds support cannabis banking
BankBeat 2022/09/07
Rebeca Romero Rainey
ICBA releases poll on Biden Administration’s framework for digital assets
Financial Regulation News 2022/09/20
ICBA releases poll on Biden Administration's framework for digital assets
Financial Regulation News 2022/09/20
Rebeca Romero Rainey
ICBA, others seek reconsideration of FDIC’s decision to eliminate Office of Supervisory Appeals
Financial Regulation News 2022/06/27
ICBA, state banking associations offer recommendations to FDIC on climate risk plan
Financial Regulation News 2022/06/07
ICBA: CBDC risks “far outweigh” the benefits
Banking Exchange 2022/07/04
ICBND hosts 54th Annual Convention in Bismarck
Newsbreak/KX News 2022/08/08
Jim Reber
Illinois proves M&A hot spot with pair of credit union-bank tie-ups
Banking Dive 2022/06/03
Independent Community Bankers of America advocates FDIC rejection of Ford Credit Bank application
Financial Regulation News 2022/08/23
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Independent Community Bankers of America opposes IRS reporting proposal
Financial Regulation News 2021/07/30
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Independent Community Bankers urge Congress to pass SAFE Banking Act
Financial Regulation News 2022/06/10
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Industry Groups Challenge Consumer Bureau on New Consumer Protection Rules
Newsbreak 2022/07/10
Industry Groups to CFPB: Take Back UDAAP Anti-Discrimination Policy
National Law Review 2022/07/14
Industry trade groups urge CFPB to extend comment period on late fees rule
Financial Regulation News 2022/06/29
Jack Henry adds Performance Scorecard to program
ATM Marketplace 2022/03/04
Kevin Tweddle
Late surge in credit union-bank tie-ups pushes 2022 past 2021
Banking Dive 2022/12/20
Lawmakers air CRA concerns over race, data collection
Banking Dive 2022/07/14
Leaders Call for SAFE Banking
The Paper 2022/06/16
Lobbying World
The Hill 2022/06/16
Anne Balcer
Lobbying world
The Hill 2022/07/06
Scott Marks
Lobbying world
The Hill 2022/07/13
Anne Balcer
Main Street Banking Market Update with Jim Reber, ICBA Securities: May 16th Fed Decision
Barret School of Banking 2022/03/23
Jim Reber
Main Street Monday – Community Banks are Necessary for Lending to Underserved Markets and Preventing Fraud
Coleman Report 2022/04/04
Major Financial Association And 44 State Partners Demand Marijuana Banking Vote in the Senate Before Year’s End
Marijuana Moment 2022/11/29
Major Financial Institutions Push House To Approve Marijuana Banking In Defense Bill
Marijuana Moment 2022/07/13
Majority Of Republicans Support Variety Of Marijuana Reforms, New Poll Finds As GOP Congressman Talks Bipartisan Next Steps
Marijuana Moment 2022/09/15
Majority Of Voters Support Marijuana Business Banking Access, Saying It Will Improve Public Safety And Equity, New Poll Finds
Marijuana Moment 2022/09/06
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Marijuana Banking Legalization Gets Scrapped Again
Reason 2022/06/29
Marijuana Banking Reform Will Not be Enacted As Part Of Manufacturing Bill, Congressional Leaders Agree
Marijuana Moment 2022/06/23
Maryland banker joins ICBA as head of government affairs
American Banker 2022/07/11
Anne Balcer
Mastercard calls for digital asset regulatory clarity, inclusion in trade agreements
Ledger Insights 2022/07/05
Midterms result in split Congress, lingering questions on banking legislation
BankBeat 2023/01/09
Mortgage disclosure proposal aims to boost home construction
National Mortgage News 2023/03/06
NAFCU, CUNA Support Pot & Remote Notarization Amendments to House Bill
Credit Union Times 2022/07/14
New cannabis section in federal standards handbook
Marijuana Moment 2022/07/25
New ICBA chair's plan to fight regulation, credit union tax exemption
American Banker 2022/02/25
New Poll Reveals That Two-Thirds of Voters Support Cannabis Banking Reform
Cannabis Business Times 2022/09/09
New York regulator's new climate guidance draws concern from small banks
American Banker 2022/12/21
News of VyStar's acquisition failure sends shock waves over industry
The Business Journals 2022/06/17
No change in community banks’ view of crypto after FTX’s collapse, says ICBA’s Brian Laverdure
Forkast 2022/12/26
Brian Laverdure
Nonbanks Joining the FHLBs? No, Says ICBA
Inside Mortgage Finance 2022/09/07
Rebeca Romero Rainey
North Dakota credit unions want their slice of the 'resolution' pie
American Banker 2022/09/09
Not your grandma’s non-dues revenu
Business Mirror 2022/05/19
NotedDC — Democrats take step toward reviving reconciliation
The Hill 2022/07/06
Scott Marks
Pandemic spurs Arkansas bankers’ digital transformation
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette 2022/06/12
Charles E. Potts
Pennsylvania Community Banks Flourishing Despite Inflation, Rate Hikes
Pennsylvania Business Central 2022/08/26
People are community banking’s differentiator
BankBeat 2022/03/03
Post-pandemic success depends on paradigm shift, futurist says
BankBeat 2022/03/02
Real-Time Payments in the U.S. Marks Fifth Year
Forbes 2022/11/25
Rebeca Romero Rainey on the Stability of the U.S. Banking System
C-Span 2023/03/28
Red Bay CEO, city councilman takes charge of ICBA
Franklin County Times 2022/03/11
Brad Bolton
Regional and community banks rally to call for FDIC backup
Fox Business 2023/03/21
Anne Balcer
Rep. Jake Auchincloss' Financial Services Bill Passes House
Patch 2022/06/22
Republican lawmakers urge administration to consider energy concerns with legalizing marijuana nationally
Financial Regulation News 2022/09/14
Rising interest rates put community banks in regulatory bind with FHFA rule
American Banker/National Mortgage News 2022/10/12
Romney leads bipartisan push to give ILC applications a fair shake
American Banker 2022/09/15
Sales of new U.S. homes significantly lower than 2020
BankBeat 2021/07/28
Ron Haynie
SBA readies to open its 7(a) program to fintechs a little at a time
American Banker 2022/11/08
Schumer And Pro-Legalization GOP Congressman In Talks Over Marijuana Banking And Expungements Compromise
Marijuana Moment 2022/06/09
SEC Chair: Securities regulations apply to cryptocurrency platformers
BankBeat 2021/07/26
SEC's pay vs. performance disclosure rule; more pushback on Ford's new bank bid
SNL Financial 2022/08/26
Senate Banking Chairman Brown to introduce bill closing shadow banking loophole after Elon Musk says Twitter will process payments
CNBC 2022/12/06
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Senate Marijuana Banking Sponsor Gives Details About Forthcoming ‘SAFE Plus’ Reform Package
Marijuana Moment 2022/09/08
Should I Refinance to a 15-Year Mortgage?
US News & World Report 2022/01/04
Small banks set to go live with bitcoin trading
American Banker 2022/01/18
Small Business Lending Looks Unequal. Getting the Data Has Been a Battle
The Sacramento Observer 2022/03/03
Small business lending looks unequal. Getting the data has been a battle.
The Center for Public Integrity 2022/03/01
Stablecoin Bill Delayed to September After Treasury Raises Concerns
Crypto Potato 2022/07/26
State bank supervisors press Congress to pass SAFE Banking Act
Dodd Frank Update 2022/06/17
Rebeca Romero Rainey
State Treasurers Reaffirm Support For Federal Marijuana Banking Reform At Annual Meeting
Marijuana Moment 2022/09/20
States work to stifle credit union acquisitions of banks
SNL Financial 2022/04/04
Strong week for FinTech with over $800m raised
FinTech Global 2023/01/27
Charles E. Potts
Summit speakers: COVID-19 changed banking, payments
Talk Business and Payments 2022/08/17
Damon Moorer Tina Giorgio
Supermajority of polled voters support cannabis banking bill, says ICBA
Financial Regulation News 2022/09/07
Rebeca Romero Rainey
SVB Collapse Turns Banker Island Retreat Into Lobbying Blitz
Bloomberg 2023/03/16
SVB collapse: Janet Yellen under fire from GOP over dangers facing small banks
Washington Examiner 2023/03/17
Technology Paves Way For Safer Digital Payments Ecosystem — But More Work Must Be Done
Forbes 2022/02/09
Jeff Newgard
Tennessee regulator files appeal to block credit union’s bank takeover
Banking Dive 2022/06/28
The FDIC quietly rolled back an independent review committee, and banks aren’t happy
American Banker 2022/05/26
Rebeca Romero Rainey
The Fed wants banks to prepare for FedNow, but many are in no rush
American Banker 2022/09/01
Nick Denning
The Fed's master account list is coming, but banks still want to know more
American Banker 2023/01/12
Paul Merski
The Future of Central Bank Digital Currencies in the U.S.
The Financial Brand 2022/07/11
The Growing Domination Of Chime, Square Cash App, And PayPal In Checking Accounts
Forbes 2022/03/01
Charles Potts
The Hill’s Top Lobbyists 2022
The Hill 2022/12/07
Rebeca Romero Rainey
The transatlantic AI divide
Politico 2022/07/26
Top Fed official says banking system remains "resilient" after bank failures
Axios 2023/03/14
Trade bodies urge CFPB to rescind amendments to examination manual
Banking Exchange 2022/07/04
Trade group takes battle over credit union-bank deals to another level
S&P Global Market Intelligence 2021/07/21
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Trade groups petition CFPB to adopt larger participant rule for data aggregators
Consumer Finance Monitor 2022/08/08
Trade Groups Say “No Thanks” to Notion that FDIC Should Consult CFPB Before Approving Bank Mergers
Consumer Finance Monitor 2022/06/13
Trade groups take aim at CFPB’s expansion of UDAAP authority
Consumer Finance Monitor 2022/07/07
Treasury yield curve set for deep inversion; FDIC urged to deny Ford application
SNL Financial 2022/08/22
Tug-of-War Brews Over CRA Reforms
The Commercial Record 2022/08/18
Two in Three Americans Want Congress to Pass Marijuana Banking Reform
Marijuana Moment 2022/10/20
Two longtime Hill committee staffers head downtown
Politico 2022/06/08
Anne Balcer
U.S. Chamber, bank trades ask CFPB to rescind anti-discrimination policy
American Banker 2022/06/28
U.S. House delays consideration of stablecoin bill
Reuters 2022/07/26
U.S. Stablecoin Bill Delayed Until September: Report
The Crypto Times 2022/08/01
U.S. Treasury introduces framework to address digital asset risks and benefits
Banking Exchange 2022/07/11
US Chamber & 3 banking associations push back against CFPB’s changes to UDAAP manual
SubPrime 2022/07/05
US Commerce Dept. asks digital asset industry for input on competitiveness framework
Cointelegraph 2022/07/05
US mayors, financial institutions throw support behind cannabis banking reform
MJ Biz Daily 2022/06/09
Utah Investment Fund BankTech Ventures Raises $115M 2022/08/16
VenCent’s Inaugural FinTech Summit in Little Rock a national success
Talk Business 2022/08/31
Venture Center Expands Fintech Program
Arkansas Business Staff 2022/09/02
Venture Center Reschedules VenCent to August, Announces More Speakers
Arkansas Business 2022/03/15
Tina Giorgio
Venture Firms And Startups Are Returning To Government-Backed SVB In Droves
Forbes 2023/03/19
VyStar Credit Union, Heritage Bank call off merger agreement
Banking Dive 2022/06/16
VyStar, Heritage extend acquisition deadline for a 3rd time
Banking Dive 2022/04/04
Wall Street opens its checkbook for Ron DeSantis
Politico 2022/08/23
Want to stay independent? Act like it, consultant says
BankBeat 2022/03/04
Warner & Crapo Unveil New Bipartisan Caucus to Fuel Investment in Rural & Low-Income Communities
The Hamptons Road Messenger 2022/08/01
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Waters introduces bill to allow CUs to expand fields of membership
Washington Credit Union Daily 2022/03/10
Michael Emancipator
West Virginia aviation propels toward expansion
The Parkersburg News and Sentinel 2022/07/02
Rebeca Romero Rainey
What will Congress give Ukraine?
Politico 2022/03/07
Jennifer Newman
Which vision for bank merger reform will win out?
American Banker 2022/02/28
White House digital asset report lays the groundwork for CBDC
American Banker 2022/09/19
Who's afraid of the digital dollar?
American Banker 2021/08/05
Nasreen Quibria
Why Cannabis Banking Liberalization Would Indeed Increase U.S. Competitiveness
Competitive Enterprise Institute 2022/03/25
Why I'm Worried About Innovative Industrial's 6.4% Dividend Yield
Seeking Alpha 2022/05/19
Rebeca Romero Rainey
Why so many credit unions are buying community banks
eMarketer 2022/05/17
Why the CFPB is still writing its small-business data rule a decade later
American Banker 2022/07/12
Ron Haynie
Will your credit card late fees go down despite inflation?
MSN 2022/08/17
Yes, Cannabis Banking Liberalization — SAFE Banking Act — Would Indeed Make U.S. More Competitive
Forbes 2022/03/18
ZSuite Tech Finalizes $11 Million Series A Funding Round with Investment from ICBA and BankTech Ventures
Business Wire 2022/11/18

About ICBA and Community Banks

The Independent Community Bankers of America creates and promotes an environment where community banks flourish.

With more than 50,000 locations nationwide, community banks constitute 99 percent of all banks, employ nearly 750,000 Americans and are the only physical banking presence in one in three U.S. counties.

Holding more than $5 trillion in assets, nearly $4 trillion in deposits, and more than $3.4 trillion in loans to consumers, small businesses and the agricultural community, community banks channel local deposits into the Main Streets and neighborhoods they serve, spurring job creation, fostering innovation and fueling their customers’ dreams in communities throughout America.

Please contact us on issues related to consumer and small business lending, federal regulatory issues, the economy, housing, tax policy, and other financial services topics.

We will provide you with information from the community banker perspective by setting up interviews so you can speak with ICBA staff experts and community bankers from across the country.

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Talk with a Community Bank Expert

The Independent Community Bankers of America has several experts on staff who can discuss vital issues pertaining to our nation's community banks and the communities they serve. For more information about community banks, and to speak with one of ICBA’s staff experts, please contact:

Nicole Swann

VP, Communications



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Phalen Kuckuck

Communications Director



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