Management & Strategy Track

Updates focused on the key trends, disruptive opportunities and proven business strategies for today’s experienced community bank leaders.

Raising Expectations: How Assets Growth Affects Your Operations

With growth comes new regulatory expectations, accounting rules, risk management practices, and internal control requirements. Your community bank must be equipped to anticipate and manage new policies and procedures. Learn about the financial, legal, compliance, and staffing implications as your bank approaches $250-$300mm, $500mm, $1bb, $2-$3bb, $6-$8bb and $10bb in total assets.
Presenters: Josh Juergensen, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen
Todd Sprang, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen
David Heneke, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen

Crisis Recovery

As we’ve seen disaster, including massive hurricanes, can wreak havoc on community banks, their customers, and their communities.  Rising to the occasion – despite their own challenges and losses - community bankers have helped their customers, neighbors, staff, and fellow business owners.  Hear stories from the trenches and learn practical advice on how to prepare your own institution for future crisis recovery.
Presenters: Carlos Recalde, President/CEO, Sheltered Harbor
Viveca Ware, Group EVP, ICBA
Pres Kennedy, CEO, Bank of Zachary
Chris Doyle, President/CEO, Texas First Bank

Cultural Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions

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Community bank mergers and acquisitions are a normal part of business however, there is a tendency to focus on numbers when many challenges stem from the integration of people, processes and technology. Hear perspectives of both buying and acquired banks and learn best practices to help you mitigate risk, no matter which side of the table you sit.
Presenters: Christina Churchill, Principal, RSM US, LLP
Jeff Dunahoo, Principal, RSM US, LLP

Do as I Say, Not as I Do. A Collection of Lessons Learned

If you are going to learn from mistakes and missteps, it’s best that they are the mistakes and missteps of others! Led by two presenters who have seen it all, this session will feature real-life community bank trials and tribulations related to overall management, capital planning, and succession planning. This energetic and informative workshop should not be missed by any community bank officer or director who is looking to gain from the experience of others.
Presenters: Philip Smith, President, Gerrish Smith Tuck
Greyson Tuck, Partner, Gerrish Smith Tuck

Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Sometimes the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Are you guilty of assuming that your employees would never leave your bank, even if a sweeter offer presented itself? Or perhaps you believe that the only way your community bank can succeed is to grow? See what common fallacies could be hampering your community bank’s potential.
Presenter: Philip Smith, President, Gerrish Smith Tuck

Make Your Calculated Gamble Pay Off

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Each community bank has its own unique DNA structure. Yet, when it comes to matters of capital and strategic planning, organizational structure, profitability strategies, employment issues and more, many banks make the same costly errors. Learn how to avoid and correct the 10 most significant strategic mistakes made by community banks.
Presenter: Jeff Gerrish, Chairman, Gerrish Smith Tuck

Make Your Multigenerational Workforce Hum

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Boomers, Gen X, millennials and everyone in between have very different values when it comes to defining career expectations and personal success. Learn how to better understand what motivates each age group to improve work performance and the cohesion and camaraderie of your team.
Presenter: Connie Collins, Manager, RSM US, LLP

Merger and Acquisition, Bank Valuation and Capital Markets Update

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Learn about the current merger and acquisition environment and how key factors are contributing to your bank’s value.  Plus receive an update on community bank access to the capital markets.
Presenter: Tom Mecredy, SVP, Vining-Sparks

Outlook for the Ag Economy: 2018 and Beyond

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2017 marked the fourth straight year of declining farm prices with net farm income falling by 50 percent since the highs of 2013. What is the outlook for your bank customers? How should you position your community bank? Find out if commodity prices will finally start to rise and where land prices are likely headed.
Presenter: Richard Brock, President, Brock Associates

Planning for Asset Growth: What to do at Each Asset Threshold 

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As your community bank approaches $1 billion in assets, you must prepare for changes to your bank’s infrastructure and operations.  Banks reaching new asset thresholds should anticipate heightened audit, financial reporting, management, and governance expectations. Bring your questions and learn more about the preparation needed so that your institution can avoid growth setbacks and non-compliance. It’s never too early to start preparing for growth so all asset sizes welcome.
Presenter: Peter Weinstock, Partner, Hunton & Williams

Planning for Leadership Transitions: A Panel Discussion

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Planning for a leadership transition can seem daunting. Community bank CEOs share their personal stories and experiences about how they successfully navigated succession planning for their institutions.
Presenter: Alan Kaplan, Founder/CEO, Kaplan Partners

Preparing for FDICIA and Other Asset Growth Thresholds

As your community bank approaches $1 billion in assets, you must prepare for changes to your bank’s infrastructure and operations. Banks reaching new asset thresholds should anticipate heightened audit, financial reporting, management and governance expectations. Bring your questions and learn more about the preparation needed so that your institution can avoid growth setbacks and non-compliance. It’s never too early to start preparing for growth so all asset sizes are welcome.

Secrets Revealed: 10 Things your Core IT Provider Won't Tell You 

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When it comes to negotiating and renewing multi-million-dollar relationships with their Core and IT service providers community banks are at a distinct disadvantage. Core vendors have formed a market oligopoly, controlling 93 percent of the industry, effectively blocking community institutions from the chance to receive a fair deal through any lack of formidable competition.

Learn about 10 critical issues and negotiating secrets that bankers should know before they sit down at the negotiating table. Hear the latest proprietary research findings that outline the problems, pitfalls and best practices in restructuring vendor contracts based on nationwide intelligence. Learn how to dramatically improve your core and IT spending efficiency and better protect your bank from downstream risks hidden in your contracts.
Presenter: Aaron Silva, Partner, Paladin fs, LLC

Strategic Planning: Beyond the Budget

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A comprehensive planning process is critical to your bank's success and includes planning techniques that extend beyond an examination of your bank's balance sheet and income statement.  Learn how sequenced planning and leveraging customer data will produce better results for your bank.  Hear best practices and practical ideas to help your bank tackle its strategic goals including branch transformation, omni-channel delivery, and a modern customer experience.
Presenter: Tom Hershberger, President, Cross Financial Group

Your Voice. Your Community. Your Commitment: ICBA Advocacy Revealed

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This interactive panel discussion will arm you with tools, tactics and techniques to help you become an even more powerful advocate of the community banking industry. Learn about ICBA’s grassroots advocacy center, Be Heard, and discover how you can work with others in your bank and in your community to ensure that your voice is amplified the public policy arena. Attendee participation and engagement is required! 
Presenters: Aaron Stetter, EVP, Policy & Political Operations, ICBA Joshua Habursky, Director of Advocacy, ICBA

The New Tax Law: Should Your Community Bank Restructure as a C Corp?

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The recent tax reform is renewing the age old question for banks: is S-Corp or C-Corp structure more optimal for my bank? Find out what the new tax reform legislation means for your community bank as we examine the pros and cons of converting from an S Corp to a C Corp. We will outline important tax law changes that you and your board of directors must understand and also takes a look at what the reform means for dividend policies and your bank’s lending strategy. 

Tim Malecha, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen
Peter Weinstock, Partner, Hunton & Williams, LLP

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

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Whether it's the lobby, the break room, or the C-Suite, building your Workplace Violence Prevention program starts with understanding the types of workplace violence (internal and external) the warning signs and indicators, mitigation measures, response protocols, and how you can empower your employees so they are part of the solution. Hear the startling data behind these incidents, dispel the myth that people "just snap", and take tangible steps to lower the odds that it happens on your watch.

Frank Figliuzzi
Chief Operating Officer, ETS Risk Management

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