Apr 9, 2021 | NewsWatch Today Article

Fed issues ‘synthetic identity fraud’ definition

The Federal Reserve issued a recommended definition of “synthetic identity fraud” after convening an industry group.
Apr 9, 2021 | NewsWatch Today Article

ICBA urges improvements to EIP delivery

Apr 8, 2021 | NewsWatch Today Article

IRS disburses another 25M EIPs

Apr 8, 2021 | NewsWatch Today Article

CFPB proposes delaying debt collection rules

Apr 8, 2021 | NewsWatch Today Article

ICBA expands Financial Literacy Month resources

Digital Dollar Digest: What Is a CBDC?

Mar 30, 2021
Countries are racing to create central bank digital currencies, or so it appears from the constant stream of reports, articles, and speeches by officials. Various surveys show 86 percent of central banks are actively researching an official digital currency. So, what exactly is a central bank digital currency?

ICBA, Coalition Oppose New Restrictions on Fannie, Freddie

Apr 7, 2021 | Press Release
The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) and other financial, mortgage, and civil rights groups today are calling on the Treasury Department and Federal Housing Finance Agency to delay and withdraw new product restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

ICBA Bancard Hires Vice President, Project Manager

Apr 6, 2021 | Press Release
ICBA Bancard, the payments services subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America, today announced Malallai “Mal” Zalmai as vice president, project manager.

ICBA Urges Hearings Following Largest-Ever Credit Union-Bank Acquisition

Apr 1, 2021 | Press Release
Following the announcement of the largest-ever credit union purchase of a community bank, the ICBA today renewed its call for policymakers to investigate the growing trend of tax-exempt credit unions acquiring taxpaying community banks.
Feb 25, 2021 | Letters to Regulators

COVID Relief Package Should Include USDA Business & Industry (B&I) Funding

The B&I program is expected to exhaust current funding in the next few months and faces a projected $1 billion shortfall in loan authority this fiscal year. This program is vital to sustaining rural businesses and job creation.
USDA April 9, 2021
IRS April 8, 2021
Treasury, FHFA April 6, 2021
117th Congress April 6, 2021
CFPB April 5, 2021
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