Calendar of Events

Take advantage of ICBA webinars, seminars, and other events to help you stay ahead of the competition. We offer a variety of courses to fit every need and schedule.



Oct 06 - Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Webinar: Loan Committee Presentation Skill Training

Oct 06 - Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Webinar: Vendor Risk Assessment Workshop

Venminder’s team often hears, "I know how to do vendor risk assessments, I just need someone to show me how to do it." This popular workshop with third-party risk management experts is a great opportunity to roll up your sleeves and actually get the work done. Register for this session for a guided walkthrough on vendor risk assessments.

Oct 06 - Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Vendor Risk Assessment Workshop

Oct 06 - Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Oct 06, 2020 | Webinar

Webinar: 54% of customers that offered feedback between April-July needed more services

There is money to be made while providing valuable service, and the customer experience feedback data (from banks in aggregate, nationwide) shows times of uncertainty are the most lucrative times to stay in touch. If not already listening to customers all across your touchpoints/customer segments, learn to see why you should be, and how you can use your ICBA benefits to do so.

Oct 07 - Oct 07, 2020 | Webinar

Oct 07, 2020 | Webinar

Future of Fintech Innovation: Roadmap for the New Normal

Seminars and Institutes

Oct 05 - Oct 08, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Oct 05, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Credit Analyst Institute*

The role of a credit analyst has evolved into a critical function at today's community bank. Community Banker University has taken unprecedented steps to develop this certification program for credit analysts which not only focuses on the necessary financial analysis skills needed by today's credit analysts, but also addresses the additional expertise vital to a community bank's overall lending success. Industry experts present information in an engaging and tangible manner for all attendees.

Oct 08 - Oct 08, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Oct 08, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Agricultural Credit Analysis - Virtual Event

Oct 08 - Oct 09, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Oct 08, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

IT General Controls for Internal Auditors - Virtual

Oct 13 - Oct 13, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Oct 13, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Cash Flow Analysis - Virtual

Oct 14 - Oct 14, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Oct 14, 2020 | Seminar/Institutes

Trouble Loans and Credit Management Seminar - Virtual