ICBA Community Bank Briefing: 2021 Updates & Agency Actions

Bank Briefing 20

Jan 28, 2021

2:00 pm Eastern | 1:00 pm Central | 12:00 pm Mountain | 11:00 am Pacific

ICBA experts will share important updates from Washington, D.C. and discuss legislative actions including the emergency stimulus legislation signed into law at the end of 2020.

ICBA experts will share updates from Washington, D.C. and discuss agency actions. The ICBA team will address the measures it continues to push for in Congress as well as other advocacy highlights.

Participants are encouraged to submit questions prior to the briefing or bring them to the briefing as the ICBA team will answer questions from community bankers.

This webinar is free to all ICBA community banks. Event registration is limited to 1,800 participants.
*The recording will be available to everyone 24 hours after the live event and can be ordered through our website.


Rebeca Romero Rainey

ICBA President & CEO

Washington, DC

Karen M. Thomas

Senior Executive Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy

Washington, D.C.

Paul G. Merski

Group Executive Vice President, Congressional Relations and Strategy

Washington, D.C.