About the National Community Bank Service Awards

The National Community Bank Service Awards, presented by the Independent Community Bankers of America and sponsored by FIS, recognizes community banks helping to sustain and improve their communities through community service, financial support, and volunteer efforts.

The 2020 Awards have been modified to reflect the unique environment that ICBA member banks and their communities are currently in with the global pandemic. The 2020 awards will focus on highlighting and promoting the stories of how community banks are responding to the COVID-19 crisis and helping local businesses and families during this difficult time.

Even though you may not be seeking formal recognition for your community bank, your example can serve as inspiration for others to take action in their local communities. We encourage you to share your bank's extraordinary efforts. We look forward to seeing your nominations and giving your stories the national recognition they deserve


All community banks with a volunteer community service program helping to sustain and improve the communities they serve are eligible to be nominated for the National Community Bank Service Awards.

Entry is free for all community banks and multiple entries are encouraged. You may nominate your own bank.

Nomination Period

April 1 - May 29, 2020

Contact ICBA for More Information

Tel: 800-422-8439
Email: marketing@icba.org


The National Community Bank Service Awards were launched in 2002 to acknowledge the valuable role community banks play in sustaining communities across the nation, and nationally recognize and reward community banks for their unparalleled volunteer community service and financial literacy efforts.

In 2011, the awards program was redesigned to be more inclusive of all community service activities, and to streamline the nomination process. Since 2002, more than 100 community banks, their employees, and the communities they serve have been recognized as part of the National Community Bank Service Awards.