Earn your Community Bank Risk Specialist Certification at the ICBA Enterprise Risk Management Institute

To earn the Certified Community Bank Risk Specialist (CCBRS) designation, you will be required to attend this program in its entirety, complete all assignments, and achieve a passing score on the certification exam(s).

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a critical function for banks, aimed at identifying, assessing, and managing multiple types of risk faced by the institution. ICBA’s Enterprise Risk Management Institute offers comprehensive instruction covering the fundamentals of ERM, risk categories, risk integration, and practical strategies for developing and implementing effective ERM programs.

This institute is designed for individuals experienced in banking but new to ERM, as well as for banks in the initial stages of developing an ERM program.

This training provides a comprehensive and practical approach, equipping you with valuable knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance your organization's risk management practices and ensure compliance with regulatory expectations. Join us to gain the necessary tools and insights to effectively navigate the complex world of enterprise risk management in the community banking sector.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), including its purpose, significance, and regulatory pressures driving its adoption.
  • Identify the key components of ERM, such as risk categories, frameworks, and integration within the three lines of defense.
  • Recognize and assess enterprise-level risks faced by financial institutions.
  • Apply best practices to manage and mitigate enterprise-level risks.
  • Develop a Risk Appetite Statement (RAS) aligned with risk culture, strategic plans, and policies.
  • Construct key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs), and a risk dashboard.
  • Understand the reporting and management aspects of an ERM program.
  • Implement best practices for running a successful ERM program.