FDICIA Seminar Information

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 (FDICIA) was enacted in 1991 to implement regulatory changes that assist in ensuring safety and soundness of financial institutions.

Bankers should understand the requirements if their institution is approaching the $500 million or $1 billion thresholds considering crucial planning and realistic timelines. We’ll cover the key facts about FDICIA including auditing and enhanced reporting requirements as well as audit committee responsibilities.  

Next we’ll look at the steps to take in order to successfully implement FDICIA to satisfy audit and regulatory guidelines including: 

  • Monitoring and preparing for implementation 

  • Reviewing internal controls and devising an action plan 

  • Establishing key controls and determining a testing methodology  

  • Obtaining the necessary skills and resources for implementation 

  • Anticipating the costs and budgeting for FDICIA Compliance 

  • Engaging your audit committee in fraud prevention 

  • Determining the correct technology to assist with compliance.

Virtual Seminar