Cash Flow Analysis Seminar Information

Only cash can repay loans. To effectively conduct a complete credit analysis, the sources and uses of cash in the business must be understood. This workshop is intended to discuss the mechanics of constructing business cash flow statements and their use of credit analysis.

The key objective is understanding the mechanics of cash flow analysis and its use in determining a business' ability to repay. This workshop will increase awareness of cash flow analysis tools and develop confidence in the use of the tools.

  • Understanding the business of the business 

  • Types of cash flow analysis 

  • Cash flow mechanics 

  • Cash flow analysis

Cash Flow Analysis Square

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Advanced Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis

Nov 23, 2021 | Webinar

11:00 am Eastern | 10:00 am Central | 9:00 am Mountain | 8:00 am Pacific

Attend this proactive webinar and learn a comprehensive approach to financial statement and cash flow analysis. The session will begin with analyzing the four financial statements- Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows.