Advanced Loan Review Seminar Information

This advanced session builds on the materials presented in the Loan Review Seminar to take your analysis skills to the next level. Learn about the common loan level challenges, such as the intricacies of computing global cash flows for businesses and their guarantors.

Discuss portfolio topics such as concentrations, changes in loan terms, trends in the economy and their impact on your loan review. Engage in lively exchanges as we debate the pros and cons of lending to companies with strong cash flows and weak collateral versus organizations with weak cash flow and strong collateral. 

Watch a live demonstration that will teach you how to automate your line sheets for greater efficiency. Leave with a toolkit of new skills and techniques that you can return to your bank and apply immediately. 

Topics covered during the seminar: 

  • Reviewing complex lending relationships
  • Cash flow analysis for borrowers with multiple entities
  • Advanced cash flow analysis for guarantors
  • Discussion about state of the economy and identifying potential loan problem areas
  • Reviewing loans with strong collateral coverage, but weak earnings and cash flow
  • Using K-1's to determine cash flow guarantors
  • Dealing with poor or missing financial statements
  • Documenting lending concentrations and evaluating your bank's enhanced risk mitigation strategies