Advanced Call Report Seminar Information

The regulatory reporting burden faced by community banks today is stronger than ever. As the complexity of the call report and Federal Reserve reports continue to increase, even experienced bankers often have questions about the nuances of these filings.

During this course, attendees will take a deeper dive into the more complex areas of the current call report including:

 A comprehensive discussion of regulatory capital and Schedule RC-R including:   

  • A review of the more complex aspects of loan reporting on Schedule RC-C, RC-L, RC-N, and RC-M. 

  • A discussion of how to review your call report and how to understand and leverage the data contained in your call report filing. 

  • A discussion of the proposed streamlined call report revisions that will affect 90 percent of all institutions that file Call Reports. 

  • In addition, this two day class will include an overview of the Federal Reserve FR Y series reports including: 

    • FR Y-9SP: Parent Company Only Financial Statements for Small Holding Companies 

    • FR Y-9LP: Parent Company Only Financial Statements for Large Holding Companies 

    • FR Y-9C: Consolidated Financial Statements for Holding Companies 

    • FR Y-11: Financial Statements of Nonbank Subsidiaries 

    • FR Y-10: Changes in Organizational Structure 

    • FR Y-8: Section 23A Transaction with Affiliates 

    • FR Y-6: Annual Report of Holding Companies 

    • FR Y-3: Application to Acquire an Additional Bank or Holding Company