ICBA Education: About Us

Training more than 120,000 community bankers annually, ICBA Education helps you and your community bank’s staff maintain the highest professional standards in banking through a vast curriculum of dynamic educational offerings.


Our training efforts are powered by ICBA and for that reason, ICBA Education shares in the ICBA overall mission, “To create and promote an environment where community banks flourish.” 

At ICBA Education, we understand that today’s community banker is pressed for time and juggling significant responsibility.  To add to that, we recognize that the environmental and customer demands are evolving faster than ever before.  

To meet the needs of the modern community banker, our team is committed to offering multiple opportunities for professional development in formats that are most convenient for the banker and the bank.  We have a nationwide network and extensive educational reach partnering with leading experts in the industry.  Learning is continuous but does not need to be strenuous for the banker or the financial institution.

Yes!  We are very proud to say that the ICBA Education mission statement is to advance community banking by enriching employees with professional development and educational opportunities that add value to the bank, the employee and the communities they serve. 

Access to review, register or purchase any course, program or product will be accessible via www.icba.org/education. ICBA Education offers courses, certifications, institutes and programs via the web, in person, webinar and CD/DVD. 

The ICBA Education team is happy to assist you with all of your questions.   You may call our team at 800-422-7285.  ICBA Education is owned, operated and managed by ICBA.

Located in Memphis, TN, Barret Graduate School of Banking offers a comprehensive graduate learning program for professionals in the financial services field.  ICBA Education has established partnerships with key industry educators including the Barret Graduate School of Banking.  The school provides community bankers with an opportunity for a graduate degree in banking.

Components of ICBA Education are provided by Vubiz, an eLearning company that specializes in online education access and delivery.  Vubiz is one of our educational partners and plays an integral role in the technical support of the Certification Portfolio website, our online training system, and the Compliance Vault. 

The ICBA team is continuously working to develop new programs and educational offerings for all community bankers.  We recognize that each and every education opportunity must offer value and relevance to both the banker and institution.  It is our privilege to be able to offer you the very best education training experience in the community banking industry.  Watch for announcements on our website, by email and on social media! 

If there is a course or topic that you don’t see or think we need to offer, please drop us an email at [email protected].