Community Banker University® is a modernized educational platform that provides community bankers with premier and industry-specific professional development and educational opportunities for all stages of their careers. 

Community Banker University® partners with the industry’s finest educational leaders to bring unparalleled education to community bankers.  Educational offerings are presented using a variety of delivery channels in an effort to respond to the various learning preferences of community bankers.

By providing relevant education and learning opportunities to individuals, Community Banker University® can ultimately empower and inspire them to do great things at America’s community banks.  Together with our education partners, we are building better community bankers.

Community Banker University® is owned, operated, and managed by the Independent Community Bankers of America®.

Why Choose Community Banker University

✔ Courses designed specifically for community banks

✔ CPE Credits officially recognized by NASBA

✔ One-stop certification tracking

✔ Training available in person or online

Frequently Asked Questions

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