ICBA Compliance Vault

An Exclusive ICBA Member Benefit: The ICBA Compliance Vault is now available as a member benefit to all ICBA members. Employees of ICBA member banks can log in with their username and password to access the ICBA Compliance Vault.

The Compliance Vault is a reliable search tool that helps you find answers to your regulatory compliance questions, with access to over 2,500 Q&As, select eLearning courses, and documents. Find up-to-date answers about topics from across the compliance spectrum, written by Community Banker University instructors, industry compliance experts, and regulatory agencies.

The Compliance Vault’s comprehensive nature of content covers a variety of compliance topics a bank will encounter including deposit, lending, advertising, operations, BSA/AML, and more. Want to learn more?  Watch the Compliance Vault Demo below and check-out the Vault FAQs below.


ICBA members can access the ICBA Compliance Vault here with your ICBA user name and password

Vault Login 

The Compliance Vault Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I access the ICBA Compliance Vault?

    Navigate to www.icbavault.org and login:

    • Use your icba.org username and password (make sure the “ICBA Login” box is checked); and
    • Click the Sign in button.

  • 2. How do I search once I log into the Compliance Vault?

    Once you enter the Compliance Vault, there are four ways to initiate searches:

    1. Global Search allows you to search Q&A, documents, and online courses at the same time.Click on the “Global Search” button, then enter your desired search terms.
    2. Clicking the Q&A button allows you to search only the Q&A or browse Q&A by category and sub-category. This function also permits users to tighten or narrow the Q&A search category reach.
    3. To access only the documents loaded in the Compliance Vault, click the Documents button and enter your desired search terms.This category is recommended if you are interested in searching regulatory documents, such as regulatory guidance and model forms.
    4. Click the Online Courses button if you wish to search for reference material within the select Online Courses available through the Vault.

  • 3. If I have a compliance question, may I call in and get an answer from the Community Banker University team?

    No, the Compliance Vault is not a traditional helpline giving subscribers immediate access to compliance experts. The Compliance Vault is today’s modern approach to providing users with control to find answers to compliance questions. The Compliance Vault was built with this in mind giving subscribers access to at least 2,500 Q&A. 

    We invite you to submit your feedback and suggestions, including compliance challenges and content insight, by using the “Feedback” button located on several pages within the Compliance Vault. Our team will take care in reviewing the feedback we receive and using the information to update the Compliance Vault with information Vault users find useful.

  • 4. What is the cost of the Compliance Vault?

    The ICBA Compliance Vault is an exclusive ICBA member benefit. All current employees of an ICBA member bank will have access to the Compliance Vault after Jan. 1, 2019 by using their existing ICBA user name and password or creating a new account on the ICBA website.

    The ICBA Compliance Vault is only for ICBA members and is not available for purchase by ICBA Corporate Member or non-ICBA members.

  • 5. Can you narrow a search? For example, can a user input “flood notice” to search for the specific flood notice form instead of generating all results that include the words “flood” and “notice?”

    Yes, you can narrow the search by using quotation marks around the phrase for which you are searching.  For example, searching for flood notice will result in a list of items that include the words ‘flood’ or ‘notice.’  However, searching for “flood notice” will result in a list of items that only include the phrase ‘flood notice.’  Note that the search will only produce results if the exact quoted phrase is found in the Vault content.

  • 6. Can Q&As be printed?

    Yes, Q&As can be printed in a printer-friendly format.  After clicking on the open book icon to the right of each question, the Q&A will populate in a new tab.  From this tab, traditional printing methods may be utilized to print the content such as “Ctrl + P.”

  • 7. Will the Q&A content expand as questions from users are submitted and answered? Is the Vault content updated?

    Yes – content is updated frequently to ensure all current regulatory requirements are incorporated and accessible to subscribers.

  • 8. Are all online courses in the Online Training Catalog included in the ICBA Compliance Vault?

    A select number of compliance-related online courses from the Online Training Catalog are integrated into the Compliance Vault. The courses are for viewing only and will not track a person’s activity within the course.”

  • 9. Do you offer a chat function?

    No, at this time a live chat feature is not offered within the Compliance Vault or within the ICBA Compliance Center.  If you have earned a certification with ICBA in the past and are current in your CPE requirements, you have access to a Discussion Forum within the Certification Portfolio.

  • 10. Does the Compliance Vault cover all areas of regulatory compliance including deposit, lending, marketing, and advertising?

    We invite you to check out the comprehensive nature of our content by viewing the drop-down menus in the search engine!  The content of the Compliance Vault covers a variety of compliance topics a bank will encounter including, deposit, lending, FCRA, advertising, operations, BSA/AML, and more. 

  • 11. Can I find bank policies within the Vault?

    At this time, the Compliance Vault does not have any sample policies included in its search engine.  Community Banker University is exploring the option of incorporating select sample policies into the Vault and subscribers will be notified at the time of addition. 

    Community banks looking for a sample policy may contact our Community Banker University team (800-422-7285) to purchase sample policies written by one of our education partners.

  • 12. Will the Compliance Vault replace the ICBA Compliance Deskbook?

    No, the Compliance Vault will not replace the Compliance Deskbook at this time.  We hear from compliance officers that many prefer to have multiple compliance resources in various formats.  The Compliance Deskbook is another available resource from ICBA for bankers desiring that particular format. 

    Information related to the Compliance Deskbook may be found at http://beta.icba.org/education/products/subscription-compliance-deskbook

For more information on the Compliance Vault, please contact: Community Banker University at 800-422-7285 or communitybankeruniversity@icba.org.