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Phishing and Ransomware

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Phishing & Ransomware are general terms for any attempt to collect personal, financial and sensitive information. The information is then used to access the targeted individual's accounts and can result in identify theft and financial loss. Bank accounts are among the most popular targets, so it is important that financial organizations, their employees and their customers are knowledgeable about this threat. This course will give you an overview of phishing and ransomware, describe how it affects banks, and discuss prevention strategies. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Define phishing and ransomware
  • Understand and identify common cybercrime tactics
  • Explain how phishing can impact banks
  • Implement customer education programs to combat cybercrime
  • Ensure bank policies and procedures are in place to protect against and respond to phishing

Course Outline:

  • Social Engineering (types, history, tactics)
  • Identifying Phishing
  • Phishing and Banks
  • Malware and Ransomware (definitions, types, prevention)
  • How Banks Can Reduce Risk
  • Policies and Procedures

Rev–Nov. 2019. Course Length ≈ 42 minutes.

This course is worth 1 CPE credit. 
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