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Improving Your Credit Write Ups, Analyzing and Targeting Your Approach to Explain the Risk (MP4)


No credit committee wants to read an epic non-fiction piece of work. The key to effective credit write ups is to focus on the core key risks of the credit. Each credit request begins with a problem: the borrower has a cash shortfall. As a banker your role is to uncover the source of the cash shortfall and understand the characteristics of how the self-liquidating asset will repay the debt. 

With each request there will be three to five key credit risk factors that need to be explained and targeted for mitigation through the structure of the financing. These risks may relate to the marketplace, management, specific financial indicators, inventory, receivables or other business issues. Discover how to identify the events of concern and explain them effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the dos and don’ts when writing your credit write up.
  • Identify the key characteristics that must be part of your credit write up.
  • Explain the details of the key characteristics of your credit write up.

Recorded November 30, 2023.

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