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HR Generalists are an integral part of the human resources function in an organization. This comprehensive eight-part, online certificate program is designed to provide human resource managers and supervisors with the skills they need to be effective.

The program reviews the role of the HR generalist and explains the fundamentals of employment law. It examines in detail three important and complex areas: terminations and layoffs, wage and hour law, and leaves of absence.

It looks at the key role played by HR in recruiting and hiring quality talent and examines current trends in compensation and benefits. Finally, the program reviews the communication skills HR professional need to succeed and help their organization succeed.

The HR Certificate is for individual learners only and is not available for bank-wide use. Purchasers of the individual certificate will have access to the program for 365 days from the date of purchase. Certificates cannot be transferred to another user.

Upon successful completion of the program, the learner is awarded a certificate of completion. Continuing CPE credits are not required. This Certificate Program is not the same as ICBA’s certification programs, which are instructor led and require continuing education in order to maintain the specific designation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Fulfill your role within your organization
  • Know which employment laws affect HR
  • Handle terminations and layoffs including performance management, documentation and discipline
  • Understand the types of leaves of absence an employee may be eligible to take and how to handle a leave of absence
  • Assist hiring managers with selecting quality talent
  • Identify the importance of compensation and benefits and HR's critical role in talent management
  • Effectively communicate with and coach supervisors

 Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the Human Resources Generalist Certificate Program  – This short introductory module will give you an overview of the program, including what you must do in order to earn the Human Resources Generalist Certificate; descriptions of the eight modules in the course; and information about the free trial membership offered by Employers Group as part of your learning experience.
  • Introduction to Human Resources and the Generalist Role – This module provides an overview of the HR Generalist position. To illustrate just some of what an HR Generalist may have to deal with on a daily basis, the module includes four case studies that cover a broad range of issues including discipline, recruiting, termination, compensation and benefits, health and safety, training, record keeping, harassment, and leaves of absence... and that's just the beginning!
  • Employment Laws and Human Resources – All Human Resource practitioners and professionals must have a fundamental understanding of Employment Law – how it works, the major laws, and what is applicable to an individual workplace. This module will give you an overview of the most important topics in labor law, many of which are covered in greater detail in other modules in this program.
  • Federal Terminations and Layoffs – This module will discuss various aspects of terminating employees. We will focus on using a proactive approach rather than a more costly reactive approach that usually requires the assistance of an attorney. The reactive approach results in poor decisions and ill-advised HR practices. The consequences are always costly and include claims, litigation and damage to the company's reputation. Good HR practices are proactive. This approach results in well-thought-out decisions that protect the company and support its goals.
  • Federal Wage and Hour Law  – Wage and Hour is a broad category of laws and regulations which govern wages, hours and working conditions for employees. This module covers many of the common areas of confusion in these issues.
  • Federal Leaves of Absence – The practice of managing leaves has become one of the more complex and time consuming in the average HR practitioner's world. With numerous legal issues, along with the choices available to employers, it is important that HR professionals have a thorough understanding of this topic.
  • HR’s Role in Selecting Quality Talent – This module will examine the pivotal role that HR plays in finding the right people for the right position. The ability to identify the best possible people for job opportunities is one of HR’s main responsibilities. Correctly staffing positions with talented employees gives the company the best chance of accomplishing whatever its goals are. Without the right employees in the right positions, an employer will struggle to be efficient and productive. HR professionals have much to offer in these efforts. In this module, we will look closely at this concept, often referred to as “talent acquisition”.
  • Compensation and Benefits Trends – Compensation and benefits designs and strategies are an ever-changing part of the employer-employee relationship. Employees will always look to their compensation and benefits to help determine how their employer feels about their contributions to the overall organization. Ideas, trends, and best practices can change quickly in response to a myriad of factors affecting the business. We will examine some of these trends and explore numerous ideas and concepts that you may be able to use to make sure your compensation and benefit packages are the best and most effective that your organization can offer.
  • HR and Supervisory Communications – Lack of communication, or poor quality communication, hinders an organization’s effectiveness. Your value as an HR professional depends on the effectiveness of your communication skills. Successful companies have high-frequency and high-quality communication. This module will help HR professionals develop the best possible communications between Human Resources and other employees within the organization – including hourly employees, supervisors, managers and executives.
  • Human Resources Generalist Certificate Program Final Exam
Duration: 9.0 hours

$499 / ICBA Members

$899 / Non-Members