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Essentials of Banking


Understanding the industry that you work in is crucial to recognizing your role and purpose. Banking is an occupation that has existed since the earliest part of history. While technology has changed, the essentials of what we do have not. Explore the fundamentals of the banking industry, its historical evolution, and the various types of banks and their respective roles. Participants analyze bank financial statements to uncover the interplay between funding sources and their utilization, gaining valuable insights into the operational dynamics of your bank. Broaden your perspective on the functioning of the banking system in the United States and understand how your bank fits into the larger picture. Whether you're new to banking or an experienced professional seeking to deepen your industry knowledge, your participation will enhance your awareness and appreciation of the banking sector.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the historical evolution of banking.
  • Gain knowledge of how the banking system in the United States functions.
  • Learn about the various types of banks.

Duration: 60-minutes

Recorded on Jan. 18, 2024

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