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Credit Bootcamp Part 5: Proper Credit Structure

Credit Bootcamp 5

Bankers are not order takers. We add value by solving our clients' problems. Fully analyzing the loan request and recognizing that each request starts with a cash shortfall is crucial.

By structuring the financing properly, understanding the right credit type, setting the right pricing for the risk, presenting the right documentation, linking the right collateral, and requiring the right covenants all set the expectations of the borrower. In the end, credit risk management is achieved through the right credit structure.


  • Understand credit risk.

  • Assess the projections.

  • Analyze the various loan structures, line, term, interim balloon and long-term working capital.

  • Understand the role of setting covenants, pricing, collateral and documentation in providing the right structure.

  • Guide future monitoring.


  • Match the right structure with the self-liquidating asset.

  • Understand the types of loans and when to use them.

  • Learn how to set the right structure and sell it to the borrower.

  • Solve the client's problem, do not create new ones.

  • Enhance communications of risk issues in credit memos.

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