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Farm Bill for Community Banks

Focus on Farm Policy
March 2018

White Paper: Focus on Farm Policy

ICBA’s “Focus on Farm Policy” white paper outlines key agricultural focus areas, including key principles for a new farm bill:

  • Adequately Fund Commodity Programs and Crop Insurance, which are key risk-management tools that enable producers to obtain farm loans.
  • Enhance the USDA’s Farm Loan Programs—which provided more than $7.7 billion in loans for producers in 2017 and supported 42,000 farmers and ranchers—by increasing loan limits, providing greater flexibility for loan approvals, and eliminating unnecessary regulatory burdens.
  • Sustain USDA Rural Development Programs by maintaining the USDA’s focus on guaranteed loan programs and preserving funding for programs such as the Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program for small businesses.
  • Reform the Farm Credit System, which has experienced dramatic growth while sharply reducing service to family farmers, to ensure this government-sponsored enterprise remains focused on serving farmers and does not venture into broad non-farm lending activities.
  • ICBA’s Five Key Farm Bill Principles, which include ample funding, regulatory relief, fair treatment of all stakeholders, and more.
Fintech Strategy Roadmap

Fintech Strategy Roadmap
March 2018

White Paper: Fintech Strategy Roadmap

ICBA released its Fintech Strategy Roadmap for community banks as they increasingly work in partnership with fintech firms to deliver services to their customers. The roadmap, written in collaboration with Hunton & Williams LLP, offers a look at how community banks can successfully create, collaborate or invest in fintech partnerships while providing necessary considerations to ensure these strategic decisions fit within regulatory risk parameters.

The Fintech Strategy Roadmap is available exclusively to ICBA members and is the first community bank resource that takes a deep dive into the legal and compliance elements associated with fintech partnerships. Elements highlighted in the Fintech Strategy Roadmap include:

  • strategic fintech opportunities in the community bank sector,
  • community bank advantages of participating in the fintech space,
  • approaches to fintech for community banks,
  • regulatory considerations, and
  • risk factors for community banks to consider when evaluating fintech relationships.

ICBA encourages all community bank members to download their complimentary copy of the Fintech Strategy Roadmap today.

Core Processor Resource Guide

This resource guide, combined with the core processor best practices, are designed to help community banks understand important aspects of managing the core processor relationship to maximize the return on their technology investments.

The guide includes recommended steps that community banks should take to manage their core processor:

  • assessing their business needs and utilization of current systems,
  • gauging satisfaction with the current core processor relationship,
  • determining whether to change core processors or stay with the current processor,
  • conducting due diligence, and
  • evaluating core processor alternatives (including innovation, compliance, and legacy vs. next-generation providers).

The guide also offers community bankers insights into negotiating contracts as well as information about core conversion project management for those that decide to switch systems.

Core Processor Cover
ICBA Core Processor Resource Guide

January 2018
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Best Practices
ICBA Community Bank Best Practices for Managing Core Processor Relationships

January 2018
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Best Practices
ICBA Best Practices for Community Bank Core Processors

January 2018
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