Agriculture — Trade

Date Title Publication
08/05/2005 Congress Adjourns After Passing Major Bills WWR
06/01/2004 Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)Access Restricted Background Information
09/19/2003 WTO Trade Talks Break Down WWR
05/16/2003 U.S. & Other Countries File WTO Case Against EU on GMO Crops WWR
05/16/2003 Canada Agrees to Stop Subsidized Dairy Exports WWR
12/13/2002 U.S. and Chile Sign Historic Trade Pact WWR
08/09/2002 President Signs Trade Act of 2002 WWR
08/09/2002 U.S. Outlines World Trade Proposal WWR
08/02/2002 New Trade Bill, Big Win for BushAccess Restricted Ag Brief
06/18/2001 ICBA, Ag Groups Write President on Trade Issues Letter to President

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