Date Title Publication
05/13/2016 Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates at 2016 Lows NewsWatch Today
05/06/2016 Fannie Mae Reports $1.1B Q1 Net Income NewsWatch Today
05/05/2016 FHFA Raises Fannie, Freddie Multifamily Lending Caps NewsWatch Today
05/04/2016 ICBA: Freddie Loss Shows Need to End GSE Profit Sweep NewsWatch Today
05/03/2016 ICBA Statement on Freddie Mac Quarterly Loss News Release
04/19/2016 Shelby Seeks Federal Studies on Fannie, Freddie Oversight NewsWatch Today
04/15/2016 Fannie, Freddie Roll Out Principal-Reduction Program NewsWatch Today
03/25/2016 FHFA: Fannie, Freddie Delinquency Rates at New Lows NewsWatch Today
03/17/2016 Proposed Rule Regarding Enterprise Duty to Serve Underserved Markets Letter to Regulators
03/11/2016 ICBA to Congress: Bar Higher G-Fees for Unrelated Spending NewsWatch Today
03/10/2016 Industry Letter Urging Provision that Prohibits the Use of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Guarantee Fees as a Funding Offset Industry Letter to Congress
03/08/2016 GSE Lending: Operational Challenges Policy Resolution
03/04/2016 Fannie, Freddie Add 102 Small Lenders in 2015 NewsWatch Today
02/17/2016 Community Lenders Urge FHFA to Let Fannie, Freddie Build Capital News Release
02/17/2016 Industry Letter Urging Suspension of the Payment of Dividends on the Senior Preferred Stock held by the U.S. Treasury Industry Letter to Regulators
11/03/2015 ICBA Statement on Freddie Mac Third-Quarter Loss News Release
09/15/2015 Industry Letter Opposing Use of GSE Guarantee Fees for Non-Safety and Soundness Purposes Industry Letter to Congress
12/12/2014 Concerns Regarding Recent Announcements by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHFA Letter to Regulators
10/08/2014 Request for Input: Proposed Single Security Structure Letter to Regulators
09/08/2014 FHFA Proposed Rule on G-Fees and Private Mortgage Insurance FHFA
08/13/2014 ICBA Statement on FHFA Single Security Proposal News Release
04/11/2014 Housing Finance Reform Industry Letter
03/27/2014 ICBA Statement on Waters Bill to Reform Housing-Finance System News Release
03/27/2014 ICBA Congratulates Community Banker Maria Contreras-Sweet on Confirmation as SBA Administrator News Release
03/20/2014 Proposal to Reduce the Loan Purchase Limits for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Letter to Regulators
03/17/2014 ICBA Statement on Johnson-Crapo Legislative Text on Housing-Finance Reform News Release
03/11/2014 ICBA Statement on Johnson-Crapo Agreement on Housing-Finance Reform News Release
11/18/2013 Industry Letter Requesting an Extension of Time for Feedback on the FHA Single-Family Housing Policy Handbook Industry Letter to Regulators
11/05/2013 Housing Finance Reform: Protecting Small Lender Access to the Secondary Mortgage Market Testimony
11/05/2013 ICBA Testifies on Ensuring Community Bank Access to Robust Secondary Mortgage Market News Release
10/15/2013 Conforming Loan Limits Letter to Regulators
09/30/2013 Housing Finance Reform White Paper White Paper
09/30/2013 ICBA White Paper Outlines Principles of Housing Finance Reform News Release
07/23/2013 ICBA Testifies Before Senate Committee on Housing-Finance Reform News Release
07/23/2013 Creating a Housing Finance System Built to Last: Ensuring Access for Community Institutions Testimony
07/18/2013 ICBA Testifies on House Plan to Reform Secondary Mortgage Market News Release
07/18/2013 A Legislative Proposal to Protect American Taxpayers and Homeowners by Creating a Sustainable Housing Finance System Testimony
07/12/2013 ICBA Issues Statement on Secondary Mortgage Market Legislation Proposed by Rep. Hensarling News Release
06/07/2013 Freddie Mac Low Activity Fee Letter to Regulators
06/07/2013 ICBA Concerned with Freddie Mac Low-Volume Fees for Small Lenders News Release
01/09/2012 AML and SAR Requirements for GSEs Letter to Regulators
10/25/2011 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Fees Letter to Congress
10/21/2011 GSE Fees Industry Letter to Congress
06/28/2011 Housing Finance Reform: Access to the Secon for Small Financial Institutions Testimony
03/29/2011 Public Proposals for the Future of the Housing Finance System Testimony
03/01/2011 Mortgage Finance Reform: An Examination of the Obama Administration’s Report to Congress Written Statement
02/28/2011 Averting Moral Hazard in the Housing Finance Market Letter to Regulators
12/07/2010 Support for the Nomination of Joe Smith to Lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency Letter to Congress
07/21/2010 Housing Finance System Letter to Regulators
04/14/2010 Housing Finance – What Should the New System Be Able to Do? Testimony
03/12/2010 GSE Preferred Stock Letter to Regulators
09/24/2009 Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Duty to Serve Underserved Markets Letter to Regulators
08/04/2009 Executive Compensation at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks Letter to Regulators
06/02/2009 Present Condition and Future Status of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Letter to the Hill
11/26/2008 Ten Percent Risk Weight Letter to Regulators
10/02/2008 Support for Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 Letter to the Hill
09/29/2008 ICBA Urges Prompt Passage of Financial Rescue Plan (H.R. 3997) Letter to the Hill
09/26/2008 ICBA Urges Congress to Enact Legislation to Address Financial Crisis Letter to the Hill
09/19/2008 Community Bank Urgent Inclusions in Emergency Financial Industry Policy Actions Letter to Treasury Secretary Paulson
09/16/2008 Urgent Tax Action Needed Letter to Hill
09/15/2008 GSE Preferred Stock Letter to the Editor
09/09/2008 Temporary Capital Relief Letter to Regulators
08/28/2008 Community Banks and GSE Preferred Stock Letter to Regulators
07/31/2008 H.R. 3221 Summary Summary
04/30/2008 Home Valuation Code of Conduct Letter to Regulators
04/30/2008 Joint Letter on Home Valuation Code of Conduct Letter to Regulators
ICBA/Freddie Mac Partnership

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