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ICBA Policy Resolutions for 2016
Track I: Legislation and Regulation



  • ICBA works closely with our network of 44 affiliated state and regional partner associations for the mutual benefit of our community bank members and the community banking industry. A strong and vibrant network of state and regional banking associations enhances ICBA’s effectiveness before Congress, regulatory agencies, and our membership.


ICBA will continue to work closely in tandem with the state and regional banker associations that represent community banks throughout the country. This model allows ICBA to reach the broadest community bank audience possible, as the collective number of banks represented by ICBA and/or their respective affiliates total over 4,000 community banks.

Affiliated associations that endorse and support ICBA services and subsidiaries receive royalties from ICBA and ICBA Services Network®. Since its inception in 1982, the ICBA royalty-sharing program has provided over $32 million to supporting partner associations. ICBA has 44 affiliated partner associations in its network. ICBA is committed to its outreach efforts and continually strives to enhance our collaborative efforts with our affiliated partners. ICBA state relations promote effective two-way communications through conference calls, outreach events, state conventions, Washington visits, and regular meetings with the senior staff of ICBA. ICBA leadership bankers and staff support state association efforts to inform and educate community bankers in their states by presenting at state conventions, conferences and educational seminars; by providing articles for monthly magazines and newsletters; by providing customizable press releases and media support; and by responding to individual state association requests in a prompt, succinct and mutually beneficial fashion. ICBA will continue to work diligently to ensure that our network of affiliated state and regional partners remains strong and vibrant in partnership with ICBA to support the community banking industry for years to come.

Staff Contact: Joe Schneider

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