Designed specifically for leadership bankers like you, this page provides quick access to resources related to your role as a volunteer, important advocacy tools and an overview of ICBA.

Welcome and thank you for dedicating your time and effort as a volunteer committee member or Federal Delegate Board (FDB) member for ICBA. ICBA leadership bankers are an integral part of the organization. Your knowledge, skills, expertise and experience help us to formulate and advance our policy positions in Washington.

Designed specifically for leadership bankers like you, this section of our website will provide you with quick access to resources related to your role as a volunteer, important advocacy tools and an overview of ICBA.

In particular, please be sure to check out the ICBA Leadership Directory. In the directory you’ll find a list of all the committee members, FDB members, and ICBA affiliated state association executives, along with their contact information. This information is confidential, and we ask that you take a few minutes to refer to our Confidentiality Statement.

We hope this information will provide you with a solid foundation, enabling you to be a strong voice for community banks nationwide. Please direct any questions that you have to our Committee Staff Liaisons or Kianga Lee at [email protected].

ICBA History

In 1930, two holding company giants were rapidly increasing the tempo of their bank acquisitions in the Ninth Federal Reserve District. On May 9 of that year, 28 concerned Minnesota community bankers each threw $25 into a hat and started what is known today as the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA).

Headquartered in Sauk Centre, Minn., the association evolved into a national organization in the 1940s, fighting many legislative battles on banking structure issues at both the state and national levels. Our Washington, D.C., office was established in 1963, and the office of the chief executive officer was relocated there in 1982.

Committee Member Information

ICBA’s leadership bankers serve on a variety committees and councils and are a key component in the development of our legislative and regulatory policy positions, and our education, business and product solutions.

Your direct involvement, expertise, and grassroots support provides invaluable first-hand knowledge and experience to the work of each committee. Committees work best when its members are thoughtful leaders that are passionate about the community banking industry, and who are committed to contributing to its success.

We ask that you make every effort to stay engaged in the work of your committee by responding to calls to action and attending conference calls and meetings, as well as staying informed and up to date on community bank issues by reading NewsWatch Today and other relevant communications every day.

Remember, ICBA’s ongoing success depends on you, our leadership bankers who are willing to volunteer your time and energy to the success of the community banking industry.

Federal Delegate Board Information

The Federal Delegate Board (FDB) evaluates and addresses federal legislation, regulations, court rulings, tax, and agriculture/rural and lending issues.

As state delegates you are critically important to the community banking industry because you are the conduit between our members and the association. ICBA looks to you to represent the community banks in your state as we formulate and advance our policy positions.

The ongoing effectiveness of ICBA relies heavily on your increased awareness, and your personal efforts to advance the community banking message with Congress, the agencies and with the ICBA members in your state. For detailed information on your role as a delegate please refer to the FDB Guidelines. Thank you for volunteering to help ICBA press forward with our sole mission of creating and promoting an environment where community banks flourish.

ICBA Community Bank Advocacy

ICBA's Be Heard grassroots advocacy toolkit offers a variety of tools to help community banks amplify their voice with targeted outreach to federal policymakers. Let Congress and the regulatory agencies know that community banks are critical to the prosperity of Main Street America.

ICBA engages members of Congress and federal regulators to help them understand our industry and concerns through our Legislative Priorities for the 118th Congress plan and continuous push for pro-community bank policies. 

Policy resolutions are approved by the ICBA Policy Development Committee and the Board of Directors to broadly describe the association’s major policy objectives for the year. The resolutions are designed to provide policy guidance for ICBA officers and staff and general policy direction for ICBA standing committees, the Federal Delegate Board, councils, and task forces.

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