What to Expect at ICBA Connect

By Eric Best

After a hard 12 months, it’s time for community bankers to come together. You and your team have worked around the clock to help your customers and your communities get through a tough year. At the same time, the pandemic has made it harder for your team to keep in touch like you used to. ICBA Connect is an opportunity to reconnect and refocus on the future.

This year, ICBA’s annual convention will come in the form of ICBA Connect, an immersive livestreamed event on March 9 and 10 for community bank leaders and their teams. Don’t worry, this isn’t another Zoom or Skype call—far from it, in fact. Over two days, ICBA Connect will feature seven can’t-miss speakers and must-have moments to pause, breathe and begin piecing together the path ahead.

“ICBA Connect will kick-start a bank team’s energy, imagination and overall performance.”
—Lindsay LaNore, ICBA

Why attend ICBA Connect?

Ditch your preconceived notions about what a digital meeting can be. This isn’t a webinar or a sales pitch. It will be an unforgettable spirit week for the community banking industry packed into two days.

ICBA Connect is a fully ICBA-produced virtual event tailored to the needs of your community bank and your teams. Think of it as a group training event with the dial turned up to 11. There simply isn’t another opportunity out there for community banks like ICBA Connect, thanks to its top-tier speakers and ICBA’s laser focus on member community banks.

“Sharing ICBA Connect with employees can also help employees be more creative, discover hidden talents and speed up productivity,” says Lindsay LaNore, ICBA’s chief learning and experience officer. “ICBA Connect will kick-start a bank team’s energy, imagination and overall performance.”

At a glance: ICBA Connect

Where: Online; just register for a connection to the event
When: Tuesday and Wednesday, March 9–10, from 11 a.m.–4:30 p.m. EST

  • Seven electrifying keynote speakers
  • Speeches from ICBA leaders Rebeca Romero Rainey, Noah Wilcox and Robert Fisher
  • The 32nd annual silent auction fundraiser benefiting ICBPAC on March 9

How to register

Go to icba.org/connect to register on or before March 1. See the FAQ for more details on how and who to register.

Invite everyone on your team

Though community bankers can’t come together physically this year, this digital gathering will allow even more community bank employees to safely and easily attend from the convenience of their computer or other device. ICBA Connect is open to staff at any level of the bank, so you can get your entire team involved in the event with a single, bankwide registration. Join the action from your office, your home or wherever.

When has your community bank been able to invite all staff for a group training session without closing the bank or paying for expensive travel and accommodations? Employees can conveniently bring ICBA Connect into their workflow because it’s livestreamed, so they’ll be able to come and go as they need to—no time off necessary. Just have them access ICBA Connect through your registered connections, such as a computer or shared screen in a common space or conference room. This allows attendees to follow applicable social distancing requirements in their area and feel comfortable wherever they choose to attend ICBA Connect.

“As a community bank leader, I look forward to and appreciate the opportunity to share an event like ICBA Connect with my entire bank team,” says Kathy Underwood, president and CEO of Ledyard National Bank in Hanover, N.H. “Events that will certainly deliver inspiration, education and energy for all are hard to come by.”

ICBA Connect’s must-see speakers


Michelle Poler

Michelle PolerFear less. Do more. It’s the mantra of speaker Michelle Poler, whose Hello Fears social movement claims to have reached more than 70 million people around the globe.

The Venezuela native grew up naturally fearful but decided to face 100 fears in 100 days and documented her journey via YouTube.

From dogs to skydiving—and even public speaking—she overcame long-held anxieties that stood between her and growth. As a speaker, she encourages others to focus on all the positive possibilities of their actions instead of the worst.

Her book, Hello, Fears, inspires readers to name, accept and even embrace their fears to be their most authentic selves.


Vinh Giang

Vinh GiangVinh Giang will be a familiar name to the many community bankers who saw him speak in Nashville, Tenn., at ICBA LIVE 2019, but he has some new tricks up his sleeve for ICBA Connect.

The Australian entrepreneur and magician got his start in magic after a short-lived stint in accounting. Unhappy in that career field, he and a friend created the Encyclopedia of Magic, an online resource for magicians everywhere. He now serves as CEO of Luminary Productions, a video production company.

On stage, Giang emphasizes the importance of showmanship, a skill he’s perfected over the years as a seasoned magician, speaker and performer.

ICBA Connect

ICBA Connect

Come ready to be inspired and get the tools you need to make the most of the challenges and opportunities of today.

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