‘Pig butchering’ links to crypto demand policy response

Apr 11, 2024
“Pig butchering” scams — in which victims invest increasing sums in supposedly legitimate virtual currency enterprises before being conned out of their money — depend on cryptocurrencies to function. But the connections between crypto and this skyrocketing scam run much deeper than the fake investments that ensnare consumers.

‘Pig butchering’ crypto scams a growing concern

Apr 11, 2024
A new form of investment scam has skyrocketed in recent years as criminal syndicates target consumers through online channels. Called “pig butchering,” this new scam is increasingly relevant, including among the consumers and communities that community banks serve.

Community Banks are Fighting Check Fraud on the Front Lines

Mar 20, 2024
Banks and their customers continue to be challenged by a rise in fraud and scams across payment types. Most significantly, check fraud has emerged over the past several years as a leading concern.